To MyXanga Friends

Welcome to my blog at WordPress.  When I have enough on my friends list i’ll be posting the same as at dasfenster and ascultafili—fiction.  Troy


15 thoughts on “To MyXanga Friends

  1. Hi… I’m here too. I’ve had a wordpress account for a while but haven’t used it much. Xanga has always been friendlier to me and I don’t really know my way around here. But it’s nice to at least have some familiar faces here… well, name anyway. Where are you going to show your face? LOL

    • I thought Giant Step was catchy. I didn’t much like archfriar; it sounds too much like a big chicken. I wanted Archpriest but naturally somebody already had that one.

      • Nah, i like the Friar, it sounds more obscure. There are many priests nowadays but Friar is a more archaic term.

        I had to settle for leaflesstree1, there’s another one of me out there somewhere!

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