Dana and Erik: History

Those of you who know me from Xanga know Dana and Erik. They’re the subject of four novels and one novella.  I was three chapters into the new novel, Chicks With Dicks when I heard of Xanga’s putative impending collapse so I wanted to find a place to continue the story.  For anyone who doesn’t know this series and wants to read it, here’s a history of this crazy woman and her long suffering husband.

In the first novel Househusband (2010) after being sort of happily married for five years Dana decides that she is a lesbian.  After forcing Erik to do a 3way with her and her gf Dana becomes promiscuous. Finally Dana’s new live in gf beats her nearly to death and a brain injury she sustains finally gets her killed.

After I was done with this story I was sorry I killed Dana off.  Even though she deserved it, Erik didn’t so I found a way to bring her back in Tenement (2012).  In Fanci (2013) Dana drugs Erik and has him operated on to give him breasts.  Afraid she’ll leave him if he doesn’t, Erik agrees to live in drag full time for Dana.  She starts calling him Erin instead of Erik and then “Fanci” from Fancyboy, a former pet name for Erik.

The way I write I make it up as I go and let the characters come alive on the page and tell their own story.  So in Fanci Erik(n) is in the unique position of living with and loving Dana as a man, then as a woman.  If it sounds weird that’s because it is.  I never intended to write a study of variant sexuality but that’s what happened.  Above all this, Dana and Erik is a love story, a romance, if an unconventional one.  Underneath everything else these two are crazy for each other and never love anyone else.  Dana is a sadist that loves to hurt Erik but she cant live without him and he cant live without her.

And in spite of the weirdness, this love story is mellow and gorgeous at times, always horny and unpredictable and vicious.  And I hope any new readers who like romance novels will see this as just another one, another variation in the ways we all love.


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