The Hangover III (Spoiler Alert)

Spoiler Alert:  Don’t read this is you haven’t seen it.

When I saw the first Hangover I was fully prepared to hate it.  It looked to be another dumb ass kiddie movie like the ones Jennifer Aniston is in these days.   But enough people told me how funny it was that I saw it anyway.  I was pleasantly surprised.

It wasn’t that funny actually.  Most of the humor was sophomoric, except when Alan made an ignorant remark about someone’s grandmother’s holocaust ring:  That kind of ignorant remark is funny.  The humor aside, this was a fine movie because of the writing.  The characters were good enough that you actually cared what happened to them.

The second one was my favorite, dark as it was.  What happened to Stu shouldn’t happen to anyone, but it was funny.  By this time the trademark of Hangover was set:  Alan feeds them pills and they wake up with a hangover and something bad happened.

That’s why I was surprised that in part III there was none of that.  A Hangover movie isn’t the same without a hangover and somebody waking up married to a stripper or worse.  But they managed to make a very good movie in spite of that.  Whoever makes these movies really knows how.

It’s too bad they said this would be the last one.  There’s the opportunity for all kinds of trouble at Alan’s bachelor party.  Maybe they’ll make another one where everybody gets a snootful of Ruffies.


One thought on “The Hangover III (Spoiler Alert)

  1. So it’s called The Hangover Trilogy now, but the final part doesn’t have anybody getting a hangover? What’s this nonsense? Nice review.

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