Across the Line

She turns and goes into the bedroom where Neely is waiting and slams the door.  That’s my cue to leave if I don’t like it.

I feel ridiculous standing here with my dick and tits hanging out.  I pull up my panties and march angrily to my dresser in the guest bedroom and put on a bra and some clothes and get ready to…

I hear the bed creaking and soft little sighs and I am thrown into a rage…

I get the 12 gauge shotgun and load it.  Like anyone with firearms training I promised myself I’d never go near a gun when I’m this angry but I am too angry to…

I sigh and put the damn gun away.  Who am I kidding?

So I leave. I pack what I need and get in the car and check into a motel on the far side of town.  I wonder if this is another power grab from Dana or if she has discovered secret yearnings.

Three days later I come in the house and Dana is on the sofa.  I say to her, I’m getting more of my things.  I’ll send somebody for the rest of it.

Suit yourself, she says icily.

BTW I’m selling the house.

You wouldn’t dare!

Good luck on the street, I say.  I’ve gotten all our money out of the joint accounts.  I hope you put some aside because otherwise you’re broke and I wont help you out this time.

You bitch!  How am I going to…

You’ve gone too far, I say.  Next you’ll be after every goddamn man you see.

I’m a lesbian!  She cries indignantly.

Apparently not any more, Dana.  Just when I finally accepted that you were a real lesbian you go and do this.  I always wondered if that wasn’t just a sexual obsession with you and you were just…

Fanci, she says in a dangerously low voice.  RU saying that i’m sexually straight and just don’t know it yet?

That’s what I’m suggesting, Dana.


If you’re going after men I cant compete, since I’m a woman now.  Only way would be to have a mastectomy and go back to living as a man.  I hate that.  I wont!

I’m not asking you to, Dana says.  You’re overreacting.

RU going out trolling for men now?

No, she says patiently.  I only like women.

Then WTF was that thing you fucked in our bedroom?

A girl with a dick, just like you.

You fucked a man with tits.

Did not!  She’s a woman.  Like you.

You didn’t answer my question, I say.

I’ll go trolling with or without your permission, Fanci.  I’m after women but if they happen to have a dick that’s fine with me.  Honey, why RU being so unreasonable?  I do not at all see what the big deal is.  You’re such a drama queen.

Because he’s had his goddamn filthy dick in you.  You’re still full of his come.

Am not!  It’s been three days.  I cleaned up.

I cant argue with you, I say, going to the bedroom to pack.

Where do you think you’re going?  Dana says.

Back to the motel.

You know you’re going to come home sooner or later.  Come home and let’s go to bed.

Cant, I say.  You’re nasty.


Dana, if I stay I may hit you.

It wouldn’t  kill me.  I’ve hit you plenty of times.

IG2G, I say.  But you’re right.  I’ll be back.  I have to think.

Stop it, she says.  I haven’t had sex since…since the other night and I am horny!  I know you must be.  Come on.

Angrily I fling the suitcase against the wall.  It hits and flies open and my stuff scatters all over.

Alright, Dana, I say.  You win, as usual.  I’ll go to the motel and check out and get my stuff and come home.

Good girl, she says.  Now let’s forget this.

Forget my ass, I say.


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