Crossing the Line

What do you think, Cupcake? I say to Dana, my hand resting affectionately on the inside of her thigh.

She’s pretty, Dana says thoughtfully.  Not as pretty as we are, of course.  I love her hair.  And her mouth.

I love that outfit she’s wearing, I say.  That tight skirt.  I always wanted to wear one like that for you but I was afraid if I wore heels with it i’d trip and fall.

Dana laughs merrily and says, She’ll be begging us not to stop.  You wait and see.

I hope so, I say.

I’ll warm her up for you, Fanci, Dana says.  Don’t worry.  No woman can resist me.  By the time you take out your dick she wont care even if she is a lesbian.

I sure hope so, Dana, I say.  By that time I’ll be so jealous and hot…

Don’t worry honey, she says.   I’ll make her beg for you.

We pull in the gravel driveway in front of the farmhouse and get out.  Neely parks and gets out of the car and we get our first good look at her.  She’s even better looking in full daylight.  Dana hugs Neely and walks her into the house.  Neely sits on the sofa beside her purse and says, I always wanted to live out in the country like this.

I say, I don’t think I could ever take living in the city again.

Neither do I, Dana says, giving Neely a big slurpy kiss which Neely reciprocates with enthusiasm.

She’s warming Neely up I guess.

Neely, what did you like about us when you saw us in the bar?  I say.

She flutters her lashes at me and says, Your clothes.  I thought anybody as well dressed as you two must be alright.  Did you ever want to go to bed with those models in Vogue?  Most of them aren’t that pretty but the clothes…wow.

Fanci used to model, Neely, Dana says.  She’s been on the cover of Vogue and Vanity Fair.

I feel myself blushing furiously.  Dana winks at me.

You were a model?   Neely gushes at me.

Oh, yes, I say.  Cover Girl and Victoria’s Secret to name a couple.  See those posters on the wall?  Those are ads that I did.  Dana insists they hang there because she’s proud of me.

She should be, Neely says.  You’re a lucky girl, Dana.

I think we’re all lucky to know each other, Dana says smoothly, smiling seductively at Neely as she sits on the sofa flush against Neely.  I see Neely’s body respond to the contact and I am hot and jealous.  Dana kisses Neely and Neely kisses back and they are both breathing hard.

Fanci, why don’t you come over here with us?  Neely says.  You must be getting terribly jealous.

Thank you for that, sweetie, I say, sitting on the other side flush against Neely.  She kisses me on the neck and I shudder in pleasure.  I am very erect.

If you guys want to…

Let’s, I say.  This is getting frustrating.

In the bedroom we get undressed.  Dana is completely naked and Neely and I are naked but for panties.  Dana kisses Neely gently into bed and puts her on her back.  But when she pulls down Neely’s panties to give her cunnilingus everything stops.

Neely has a dick and balls, like me.

Dana looks at me, nonplussed and says, Fanci….if I’d known…but I didn’t…Fanci, pull down your panties!

I shrug and pull them down.  When Neely sees my dick her eyes get very big and she gets an erection.  Pervert!

Dana, I say.  A word.

We walk naked to kitchen and out of earshot.

Dana, I say, She has to leave.  I’m not going to fuck her and neither RU.   Our agreement is that you only fuck women.

I do you the courtesy of considering you a woman.  Why not extend to her the same?

I don’t care what you call her but you’re not fucking her, I say.

I am going to fuck her, Erin, Dana says to me.  I’m going to get on top of her and ride her just like I do you all the time.  Why shouldn’t I?

Because you agreed to only fuck women.  Neely is a functional man, like me.  Fine, i’m a hypocrite.  You promised.

Well, i’m sorry Fanci but you can kiss that shit goodbye.

Dana, there are thousands of women in this town you could have.  Why not throw this one back?  If you fuck her I will have a jealous fit and I don’t know what i’ll do.

She’s our guest!  You don’t have to have a fit.  You can fuck her too.  That was the idea.

I cant.  I’m not getting drilled in the asshole like some queer and i’m not drilling her.

Then how about her giving you head, then?  She has a pretty face.

Out of the question, I say.

Suit yourself then, Dana says, shrugging.

This is war, I say.

I am going in there and getting fucked, Fanci.  You can participate or not.

Now it’s my move.


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