Now What

When Dana comes home she goes to the bedroom to change clothes.  She wrinkles her nose and says, It smells like semen in here.  Fanci, have you…

I masturbated, I say primly.

Why, honey?  You have me.  Do I disgust you that much?


She pauses, then says, I thought you’d be over this by now.  I guess it’s worse than I thought [sigh].

Then she tackles me and roughly takes me to bed.  I am just hard enough to get inside her and she rides me until she climaxes.

Did you come?  She says.


Well, I can…

No!  I say angrily, pushing her off me.  I don’t want to come.  You’re gross!


Neely is waiting in the diner.  Without formality I sit down across from her.

Hello, she says shyly.

Hello, I say.

I’m sorry about the other day, Fanci.

Not as sorry as I am.

She flutters at me.  You’re really pretty, she says, smiling sweetly.

Thank you.  So RU.  In the bar that day did you know what I was?

No idea till you took off all your clothes.

I didn’t know what you were either, I say.  Would you have fucked me anyway?

Sure, she says.  I wanted you.

Well, I’m choosy.  And I’m not gay.

Neither am I, Fanci.  I’m a woman…

Stow it, I say.  There’s something I came here to ask you.  Have you seen Dana since that day?

Her eyes lower to the table before she admits that she has.  A wave of rage hits me and I struggle to control it.  Okay, you have, I say.

It was Dana’s idea, Fanci.  I…

I believe you, I say.  But you didn’t have to see her.

Dana’s really persuasive.

I know but that’s no excuse.  RU going to see her again?

I…I think so.

Did you ever think to at least ask me?

I was going to but Dana said not to, that she would handle you.

Then I’m telling you, Neely.  Just once.  Do not see her again.  Do not come within fifty feet.

I don’t think you have any right…

We’re married, I say.  And this isn’t The Crying Game.

An open marriage.

Not to you.  This is the only time i’ll tell you.

I’m going to see Dana again.  I love…

Dig your own grave, honey, I say and walk out.

Early the next morning a half-transgender was found severely beaten in front of the local ER.  Her face had been mashed flat and she was naked for all the world to see her male genitalia and breasts.  When she was out of the hospital she left town and was never heard from again.

Dana looks at me in fear and says, You shouldn’t have…

RU beginning to get the picture, Dana?  I said women only.  You know the difference.

Can we have sex now , Fanci?



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