Reconciliation and Pillow Talk

I have to submit to sex with Dana to keep her satisfied but I don’t climax.  I just submit.  She likes my submissiveness anyway.  One day I let her dress me and make me up to suit her fantasy in a tight ponytail, hoop earrings, a tight black skirt she pushes up around my waist, and heels with a strap.

She is riding me rhythmically, enjoying it much.  I feel waves of pleasure wash over me but not anything violent.  Then a blast furnace door opens in me and an ocean of sexual rage pulls me toward it.

Just before I come I cry to her desperately, You’re more of a man than I ever was.

And I am tossed like a leaf in the wind and battered and hurt and screaming and bruised while Dana rides me harder until she has her own climax.    Despite my aversion to her I hold her tight and kiss her face and say how much I love her and I disgust myself.

She says, Bet you didn’t know how much fun that would be.

No, I say.  [Giggle].  Hmmm…wanna do it again?

We do it again and Dana talks to me while we are fucking.   Don’t feel bad about not being able to hold out forever, she gasps.  No woman can resist me.  You know this.  It’s your nature, Fanci.  Don’t fight it.  It’s your nature and destiny to be my passive, submissive, obedient little whore.  That’s all you are.

Yes, Miss Dana, I gush adoringly, and come.

And we are friends again.  It’s pointless to try and hold out when your lover has done to you what she did to me.  Wooot!

I run a tip of a red fingernail gently down my lover’s cheek and say, That was special, Dana.  You really made me feel like a girl.  It’s never been like that before.

You are a girl, she says softly, nipping me on the neck.  I yelp and giggle and we make love a third time.   And I do what any girl who hasn’t been fucked in a month would do.  I come my brains out, screw my nuts off until I am more or less satisfied and forget about everything but sex because sex is all that matters.  Dana becomes a sweet and considerate lover and I become a horny harpiebitch that demands to be serviced.

It’s so intense that one afternoon while screaming I am beating the back of my head against the iron bedstead.  Dana puts her hand on the back of my head while I go on.

Don’t hurt that cute little head of yours, she warns.

Holding each other tight after that I say, I really think i’m ready to be fully transitioned.

RU sure you want to do that?  She says.

I think so.

I’ve never been a man so I don’t have a perspective, she says, But with a clit you might find it harder to climax and you’ll be frustrated and you’re impossible when you’re like that.  I admit i’d like you better aesthetically, but damn, what a thing.  To give up your pleasure center for all time.

Maybe you’re right, I say.  My problem is that I have and always have had a bad case of vagina envy.  Really.  I envy you your clothes, your hair, your tits, your ass, your face.

You have all those things now, she says.

All but a tight little pussy like yours, I say.

Think carefully, she says, worried.

Dana begins trolling again in time for me to stop obsessing about getting the final cut.  I wish she’d stop because I’ve spent so much money-two or three million, not to mention the five million of her own-getting her out of serious trouble from chasing stray women.  She’s careful now to screen her conquests carefully.  For a while it’s fun as we share these women.  I wish she wouldn’t do it but it’s like trying to stop a freight train.


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