New Fanci


Ecstasy. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

When I get home from the hospital nothing changes, not as far and Dana and I are concerned.  But she’s right; having a pussy’s a lot of work, and while the swelling and  nastiness are still there I go through a lot of Summer’s Eve.

Dana. I say one day. What did it feel like when I was inside you?  And what is a female orgasm like?

A female orgasm comes in different strengths, she says didactically.  The mildest is like a nice tingling.  The most intense is earth shattering, so good it’s scary.  And sometimes you get multiples that go all the way up to earth shattering.  As for a dick, you don’t feel that.  It’s nice when it’s in there to bear down on but it’s really all in the clitoris.  How long before you can fuck?

A few weeks.

Good.  I’m curious.  And horny.

I find myself wishing you had a dick, I say.  That you would come inside me and fill me with your semen.  Of course after that I never would be quite the same.

She laughs.  No, she says, you sure wouldn’t.  And I would love to do that to you, Fanci.  But I’ve got two sided vibrating dildos.  You’ll love em.  And they never go flaccid.

We both cackle like hens.  It hurts a little but I am recovering rapidly.

Wanda is a chick with a dick.  I dread this but I feel like I have to do it.  I lie on my back and she is in missionary, fucking me and ejaculating.  It’s a great if symbolic moment.  I have arrived.  I get up naked, semen trickling down the inside of my thigh as I walk toward the bathroom.  I stop and turn and smile at her and she smiles back, shyly.  I go to the bathroom and clean up.  Then I put my clothes on.

As I am dressing, Wanda says, Is…is that all?

What did you expect, honey?  I say.  I told you what I needed you for.  Oh, hell.

I give her a sloppy kiss with a lot of tongue and leave.

Dana is waiting on the sofa when I get home.  She looks like she’s been crying.

Don’t, is the first thing I say.  You fucked that chick with a dick Neely, against our agreement and had the nerve to tell me I was being narrow minded.

I know it, she says.  Did you come?

Yes, I say.  Did I ever!

Actually the weak, watery thing I had was barely an orgasm but she doesn’t need to know that.

Are…RU going to do it again?

The only one I am going to do it with is you.  I just wanted this once in my life.

I understand, she says.  Hey…did you do it to punish me?

No, my love.  I’d never do that.  I will say this: if you hadn’t fucked Neely right here under my nose like you did, I wouldn’t have done this.  Because I don’t think you have any right to complain.  Hell, you’d never have known if you weren’t so damn nosy.


2 thoughts on “New Fanci

  1. Hi Fanci 🙂

    I like Dana’s description of O, and I concur, and it sounds similar to what other women have described.

    Sex for a man requires a penis.
    Sex for a woman requires a body.

    As a pre-op transsexual woman, I already arouse and orgasm like any other woman: I have no need of a penis at all.

    • Thank you. I really tried to get this right. It was only from talking to women about O that I got this much information into one place. Thanks for reading, liking and commenting—Troy

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