Becoming Fanci

Erotic scene. Rim of an Attic red-figure kylix...

Erotic scene. Rim of an Attic red-figure kylix, c. 510 BC. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Dior_Omotesando Store

Dior_Omotesando Store (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Ancient Roman oil lamp (circa 1st Century AD) ...

Ancient Roman oil lamp (circa 1st Century AD) showing woman having sexual intercourse with two men simultaneously. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

A pair of lions copulating in the Maasai Mara,...

A pair of lions copulating in the Maasai Mara, Kenya (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Dana and I together, this time with me a woman.  Climax is elusive but when it happens it is so violent and brutalizing it’s well worth it.  Dana is a virtuoso lover and together we are the poetry of coitus.  Dana wanted me to be a chick with a dick but now i’m completely transgendered and she will have to deal with it.

As far as the surgery went I was kind of blasé.  I’ve lived as a woman for so long all i’m missing is one little thing.  Ha ha.  But really, I am so glad to be rid of the burden.  And the expectations of being a man.  What’s new and disturbing is that having a pussy completely changes our relationshiop in ways I didn’t expect.  And i’m beginning to understand that being female means power.  The kind of power Dana had over me when I was a man.  Now she’s afraid I will develop a taste for dick, and I just might.  Since she doesn’t have one that makes her insecure, which is what she tried to make me feel when she went out on me with all those women.  But now i’m a woman and can compete with other women for her.  She’s what I want, not dick, but if I make her think I do I can browbeat her.

Now I don’t mind my being a clothes horse but I do feel a little guilty about how much I spend.  When I dress to go out it’s always in something by Dior or Canel and costs enough for a working class family to live on for months.

I stop at Old Navy for some of the cutesy clothes they have there and come out with a darling little sundress.  There’s a lot of room to show cleavage and lace around the neckline like the first tops Dana ever bought me after she threw out all my men’s clothes.  And though this dress is casual wear it even looks great with heels.  With these on and my Ray Ban Jackie O sunglasses I get looked at and whistled at a lot.

I’m not very sociable.  I like my privacy and want my time to be my own.  I love to spend it cuddling and making out with Dana on the sofa while we watch whatever on DVD.  She’s not much of a socializer either but when I am modeling there are parties and I have to go just to babysit her.  She loves to drink wine and schmooze and go home drunk and sleep it off.  So we go to those awful parties I hate.  It was at party in Capri that I met Callie.

Callie’s a chick with a dick, like I was before this transgendering surgery I just had.  In other words, she’s a man that had breasts from surgery and is taking estrogens.  And this girl could charm the panties off anyone.  She sweet talked me into letting her kiss me and then she literally kissed me right into bed.  Dana had gone home with some girl earlier that evening so why not?

Callie isn’t the lover Dana is, but neither is anyone else.  But Callie could sweet talk anyone and she flatters me and makes me feel pretty and I climax like you wouldn’t believe.  It’s disturbing, the idea of going to bed with someone who is functionally a man, but WTF I’ve got the equipment now to do it.  If I want to be a woman I might as well really take myself seriously as one.

And this isn’t a one timer.  In spite of myself I wind up having Callie as what they call a fuck buddy.  I hate that term and prefer designated fuck but you get the idea.  Trouble is we fight.  The first time it was because I wouldn’t take her in the mouth.  No how no way. But she got over it.  The next time is post coitus.  She had driven me crazy with her dick.  She was so big I thought she’d split me in half.  So I was feeling sigh pretty good when I said the wrong thing.

I know you’re married to Dana, Callie says, But you could be a little warmer to me.

What’s that, sweetheart?  I say.

I’m a human being too, Callie says.

No you’re not, I say, laughing.  You’re a wind up walkin talkin dick doll.  Fortunately for me.

She gets up and leaves.  Callie is a dear but she’s such a sorehead.  And it doesn’t last long.  Before we leave the island Callie and I are not speaking to each other and things are back the way they were with me and Dana.  IDK why Dana felt so threatened with this one.  She always said she couldn’t care less who I fuck.  I’m finding that the politics of having a vagina are rather byzantine.

The part I really dont like is what has happened to my attitude.  I feel like since i’m a woman I should have somebody kissing my ass all the time and that my lover should bow down and worship my golden cunt.  I always hated this in women when I was a man and now i’m getting like that.  It’s got to stop.


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