Dana and Ali

English: Ali MacGraw in the trailer for The Ge...

English: Ali MacGraw in the trailer for The Getaway (1972 film). Trailer published between 1923 and 1977 (inclusive) without a copyright notice. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

When I write about Dana and myself I don’t go into physical description much.   Just that we both have long, straight black hair and are cute.  This allows the reader  to participate in the story by using their imagination and thereby making it more real.

The best way to describe Dana is to say who she looks like.  And I first think of Ali MacGraw.  Even though Ali, who was born in 1939, has brown eyes to Dana’s bright blue and has a darker complexion to Dana’s waspiness somehow this actress that I would’ve crushed on if i’d been born years earlier reminds me of Dana as much in body language and voice as appearance about the time of Love Story (a bad movie) or Goodbye Columbus (a very good movie).

My first and best gf I met in 4th grade and went with through my first year in college.  She was built on these same lines as Dana.  Long straight black hair, blue eyes, light skin.  And she was actually prettier than Dana.  I was seeing her in my last days before Dana tricked me into surgery.  I was going to leave Dana and marry Cindy.  But she dies in a freak accident right before my eyes hours before I was going to tell Dana.  And if I hadn’t been so wasted from the shock of seeing Cindy killed in front of me Dana might not have tricked me into surgery.  I would still be a man and Dana and I would probably be divorced.  IDK, maybe that would’ve been better.  I never had an inkling I was a woman inside until I actually had breast augmentation surgery.   I was 31.

And I would gladly look like Ali MacGraw when she was 30.

Dana’s former BFF Stacie looked like this.  Unfortunately Stacie committed suicide by hanging herself.  Stacie was the girl Dana blackmailed me into having a 3way with.  Dana always found these crazy women.  IDK how.  She even decided she was in love with this dyke and moved out.  She was nearly beaten to death before she got away and went to the hospital.

And of course, Dana is insane.



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