Dana and Wanda

Wanda with a Key Deer

Wanda with a Key Deer (Photo credit: Hendricks Photos)

Wanda is a chick with a dick.   A man who has had breasts done surgically and is taking estrogens before the final operation, the vaginoplasty.  You would not know she was still functionally a man unless you pulled her panties down.  And she’s a pretty brunette, the kind of girl Dana and I are obsessed with.  And what makes her interesting is that she still has a dick.  I had coitus with Wanda once before, coldly, just do it, right after I got my new pussy and the swelling went down enough.   I think she was a little hurt when I didn’t see her again but I told her beforehand what I wanted.

She makes love very passionately, as she is doing to me now.  As she gets close to climax her dick gets really hard in me and I get excited and with what I swear is the sensation of a flower petal tearing inside me she comes.  As she’s finishes, my orgasm slips up on me and an all-female heavenly choir sings sweetly, Come, come. come!

And I do.

I am screaming and sobbing and saying all manner of nice things to her I don’t really mean.

We hold each other for a while, then talk about inane things until she seems to get antsy and bored.

Hey! I say as I sense her interest waning.  I get a smear of her come from my inner thigh and when she turns back to look at me I put some on my mouth and give her a big sloppy kiss and she finally laughs and we laugh and hold each other very tight.

Doesn’t that gross you out?  She says.  Eating come?

No.  It would have once.  But now i’m a woman and I can get away with more without thinking of myself as a pervert.  I wrinkle my nose at her.  When RU getting cut?

IDK, she says.

She gets up.  I pull her back and say, Where do you think you’re going?  You’re my designated fuck.  So fuck me again.  Mush!

I get home the next morning and Dana is beside herself but wont let on.   When I see her I twirl and shout, The joy of sex.  Wooot!

I do this because she always does this after going out on me when she wants to make me feel hurt.  So I’m mocking her.

I take off my clothes and make for the shower.  The nosy bitch looks at my dirty clothes and holds up my underwear.  Dana says, There’s semen in your panties.

Yes there is, I say.

Since you don’t have a penis anymore I suppose it was from a chick with a dick.

You suppose right, I say.

Wanda, maybe?


You smell like Wanda.

Get this into your head, Dana.  I’m going to keep seeing Wanda until you stop going out on me.  Why do you even care?  When you decided you were lesbian ten years ago you said you didn’t care who I fucked.  Why now?

Because…IDK why but you’re upsetting me.  She looks at me carefully and says, Did you fall for her?

I laugh.  Then I go over to her, put my palm tenderly to her cheek and kiss her and say, I could never fall for anyone else but you, Dana.  You’re my mate for life.  Why don’t you bring your conquest from last night over and I’ll tell Wanda to come over.  You always liked three and four ways.


Too bad, I sigh.  I’m just hitting my sexual peak.


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