Fanci and Dana and the Finger in the Dyke


swimsuit (Photo credit: Leeds Museums and Galleries)

Deutsch: Rhone

Deutsch: Rhone (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

The Rhone River is one that you can actually swim in-it’s not lethal like the Rhine with those currents- but it’s treacherous.  Unless you’re a good swimmer and know the river or you’re suicidal you better not.

I’m not either one but i’m going to swim in the damn thing anyway, unaccompanied, out of sight of anyone, right out in the middle of it.  IDK why this.  I guess i’m tired of this game with Dana where we both see how many women we can fuck in order to get her to stop going out on me so I can stop doing it to spite her.  In the old days I would just hold out on her.   It didn’t stop her going out on me but it did make her crazier.

The swim suit I have on is one like my mother would wear.  Very conservative.  I guess if they do find my stiff I don’t want to look like a slut.  I just try to pretend the river is a big Olympic size pool like the one I learned to swim in.

I start to get in the water when I see a young couple approach on the trail.  I do a double take at the girl.  She has the most beautiful eyelashes and she catches me looking at her and I blush and she smiles politely and says Hi.  I say Hi back, shyly and wait for them to move on out of sight.

She looks like a girl I crushed on in undergraduate school, a swimmer who was not butch or dykey in any way.  Girl, I think, I will bite your clitoris and spit out two francs.  And you will stick your finger in the dyke, that’s me, and shower me with kisses.  And with that thought I walk down to the river’s edge.

There’s all kinds of crap on the bottom and i’m careful not to get caught.  I don’t have trouble until I get out in the middle and then I can really feel the current.  To avoid panic I sight on the shore and the bank and calm down and remind myself to swim at a 90 degree angle to the current.  Dana is sitting on the bank waving at me.  I guess she managed to find me.  I wave back and turn my attention to getting back to the shore alive but by the time I get there she’s gone.  I don’t see her anywhere.  I guess she went sniffing after that girl.  Of course.

But when I get back to the hotel I don’t see them and I wonder if I should be worried.


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