Dana’s Gone

Hotel Lobby

Hotel Lobby (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Rhône, Lyon, France.

Rhône, Lyon, France. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I walk the floor of the hotel room and sweat and she doesn’t come home.  I all but have them drag the Rhone for her and finally I see her downstairs in front of the door to the lobby arm in arm with the girl I knew she was after, the one i’d passed on the trail leading to the river this morning.  The girl had been with a man that was obviously her guy.   They pause and talk and then Dana kisses the girl politely on the mouth and goes in the hotel lobby.

When she comes in the door to the room I don’t have a fit.  I just say, Was she good, dear?

What?  She says, face flushed.  Oh, yeah.  She really was.  I should introduce you.  You’d like her.

I’ll bet, I think.  I could’ve fucked the little bitch myself but I was too busy trying to get into the Rhone river to contemplate suicide.

Dana kisses me affectionately and says, have a good swim, dear?

Yes.  Dana, did you ever think you could stop doing what you do…

Don’t start that, Fanci, she says.  I’m in a hurry.  I’ve got a date with her tonight.  Dinner.  I’d ask you to come but three’s a crowd…she shrugs.

This is what you’ve been doing for nearly ten years, Dana.  I don’t know why I even get upset.

Neither do I, Fanci my love.  Maybe {giggle} someday you’ll stop.


After she dresses up and leaves I sit in self hate and think.  Then I decide.  I’m so got that I cant even think of what to wear on the plane.  On the wall hangs the famous lipstick ad I did in a dress of Chantilly lace.  Nobody noticed the lipstick but all these women wanted to know where they could get that dress.  I have one just like it and almost wear it but it wouldn’t be appropriate for anything but a wedding and how many of those do I go to?  One my whole life, and that’s Dana’s and mine.

I don’t do a good job of packing.  Or of dressing.  I just put on jeans and a t shirt.  I cant do makeup I’m so upset.  So I just put on lipstick.  When you don’t have time to put on anything else, just do that.  It looks dressy, even when you are dressed like a slob like I am now.

I leave Dana a note not to look for me and catch a plane to NYC.  Tomorrow I’ll be in Indiana.


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