Be Mean to Me

When Rikki stopped making herself throw up she started gaining weight.

By now the bitch weighs 305.

And with the increase in mass comes an increasing self righteousness I cannot grasp.  The only way I can deal with it is to laugh at it.  At her.

When Rikki waddles home from her group she tells me of this gf of hers there named Ruth.  Ruth tells her that she finds herself provoking her man, hoping that he will hit her.  That she gets  off on him hitting her and being mean to her and if she does not get this from him she will continue to provoke him until he does.

So?  I say.

Well, she harrumps uncomfortably, I er…I guess I do the same thing to you but not for you to hit me, just so you’ll say something mean to hurt me.  I just…I guess I like it when I get you to hurt me like that.  Isnt that awful of me?  It’s like a setup that brings out the worst in both of us.

How do you answer an asshole question like that?  If I try to ignore it she’ll keep baiting me until I say what she wants me to.

I say, Oh, IDK.  Since I refuse to say anything mean and that is what you want, then by refusing I am doing the meanest thing of all by denying you.  And by refusing to play that sick game I get to feel virtuous.  And you get to feel hurt because I am such a bastard.  So I guess that way we both get what we want, don’t we?

She gives me a dirty look and withdraws.

She cannot win this game with me so she will find others that she can win.


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