Bitch Trouble

When some things happen, like what happens today, you really know you’ve got bitch trouble.  You cant reason it away.

I never liked even the idea of angry sex.  Hostility makes my pecker go limp.  But there are exceptions to everything.

Rikki and I are having one of the hellacious arguments we are having more and more often.  In the bedroom yelling at each other.  It seems she wants me to go to a therapist because we are fighting more.

That master’s degree of yours is the problem, she says in disgust.  You think because you’re a psychologist going to a therapist is beneath you.

It’s not beneath me, Rikki, I say.  It’s pointless.  Why go to a shrink every time things get a little hard?

Everybody in that master’s psych program was like that, she says venomously.  They’re good at telling someone else to go to a therapist but they wont go themselves because it’s beneath them.

Bullshit, Rikki.  It’s because they know what a shrink can do and what they cant.

You don’t know, she says contemptuously.  You’re so fucked up in the head that you don’t even know you are!

Am I? I say cooly.  Please specify.

I…I cant!  She says defensively.  But I know…

What do you know, Rikki?  If you want to see a shrink and talk about me behind my back that’s okay but don’t tell me I should go when you cant even tell me why.

I hate you!  she says, crying angrily.  She starts to bolt from the room but I grab her by the arm and yank her back and push her roughly down onto the bed.

I yank her pants off roughly.  She is hot and wet and I am very erect and have no trouble getting in.  Because of the way she’s built Rikki’s big enough to drive a truck through but I’ve never seen her this hot.  There’s nothing like natural lubrication and nothing in the whole world like real pussy.

Rikki always has trouble climaxing because she cant get negative thoughts about herself out of her head but this time it doesn’t matter.  She comes her brains out without self consciousness, even before I climax and after we  are done we hold and kiss and fondle each other and surely the rest of this day will be nice.  We should be fondling each other and flirting and fucking all day.

But nooo.  Right in the middle of me kissing her neck she says primly, Just because we had a good sexual experience I don’t want you to think we don’t have serious problems or that this marriage isn’t in deep trouble.

I stop what I am doing cold.  She couldn’t wait until tomorrow to say this.  Couldn’t even wait a few hours.  We both came our eyeballs out and she absolutely loved it but then couldn’t wait to ruin it.

Without a word I get up and get dressed and leave and do not return for hours.


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