Thru the Windshield 3

Congratulations I'm Sorry

Congratulations I’m Sorry (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Atlanta - Downtown: Georgia Hall

Atlanta – Downtown: Georgia Hall (Photo credit: wallyg)

Cover of "Face"

Cover of Face

National Register of Historic Places listings ...

National Register of Historic Places listings in Fulton County, Georgia (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I almost died on Destiny Road.  Hey, that sounds like a song, what…Fire’s in the heaven of the eyes I knew/On Destiny Road…oh, that’s Allison Road by the Gin Blossoms.  It seems funny.  I almost died on Destiny Road.  I laugh and it hurts my head.

Out of the twilight into dread wakefulness.  I remember that my face is bandaged and see whole blood going into my arm.  This room is a double but there is no one in the bed over by the window.  The AM sun makes bands of dappled shadow on the floor and battered furniture of Grady Hospital.

I notice there are no mirrors in the room and I don’t think that’s any accident.  My face must be really disfigured for them to do that.   After all my face is completely covered.

I cant see what time it is but I saw them put my personal stuff, including my watch, in a dresser drawer a few feet away from the bed.  They told me not to try to walk unless a nurse was there because I’m so weak but they can kiss my ass.  I nearly fuckin died.

I struggle out of bed and onto my feet and a wave of dizziness hits me.  I wait for it to pass and move carefully toward the dresser.  I am soaked in sweat from the effort.  What I want is my cell.  As bad as i’m hurt the only thing I can think of is that Mom got to my cell and called Sherry or her old man.  But things happened fast and Mom has a compound fracture of the arm herself.

When I open the drawer I see the phone.  It’s been in my pocket and has dried blood all over it but it should still work.  My wallet with my driver’s license is there but no clothes.  Nobody’s tried to call or message me.  I call Sherry’s number and Frank answers.

Frank?  That you?

Michael?   You sound funny.  Y’alright?

I’m in Grady Hospital.


I’m alright.  That is i’m alive.  I was in an accident and my face is torn to shit.

Slow down, son.  You’re in the hospital.  You had an accident.

Right.  Did anybody from my family try to call you?

Nope.  Why would they?

Good.  If they do, hang up.


Frank, please.

Okay, okay.

Have you heard anything about a car hitting a light pole on Destiny Road?

No but I don’t listen to the news.  Is that…

Yesterday I was in the car and my mother was driving.  A tire blew and the power steering went out and she hit a tree and I went through the windshield.  I’m cut up bad, Frank.  My head’s so wrapped up in bandages I look like the invisible man.

Good God, Michael.  That’s awful.  You want us to come there?

No, negative.  Do not repeat do not come here or call.  If Sherry wants to text me later, okay but the phone will be turned off and people will be here and it’ll be a goddamn mess.  Frank?


I’m scared.  IDK how disfigured I’ll be and Sherry may not…you know, not…

Don’t worry about it, Michael.  She’ll still like you or I’ll kick her little ass.

The door to this room is open and I hear the elevator outside and Mom’s and Mattie’s voices. 

IG2G, Frank, I say and break the connection.



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