Round breasts that project almost horizontally

Round breasts that project almost horizontally (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

She trick fucked me, Trudi, I say.  She’d been after me for years.  She’d say asinine things like, ‘It wouldn’t kill you to put on some mascara before I come home at night.’  A man put on mascara?  I thought she was joking but she was dead serious.  If I had it to do all over again I’d have just done it.  She would’ve stopped going out on me for a while at least.  And she got her way at the end anyway.

Finally I humored her after she nagged me into seeing a surgeon who did tits.  We even sat down in front of the computer and picked out what kind of tits we wanted on me.  I had no intention of going through with it, even though I’d let her dress me in the morning and put makeup on me.  She’d already thrown out all my man clothes.  Dana was a part time model in college and she knew about clothes.  She picked out women’s clothes for me that she knew were really cute.  She wanted the whole thing to be positive, of course.  The clothes looked so good I couldn’t bring myself to hate them.

How did she trick fuck you?  Trudi says.

I was going to leave her.  The day before the surgery I was going to leave her and marry my old high school gf.  My old gf was killed that afternoon in a car accident and I was in shock.  That night Dana drugged me and I woke up after surgery with some very nice breasts.  They were so beautiful I couldn’t have them off, you know, not and face Dana’s wrath.  I guess at that point I gave up and decided to live permanently as a woman even though I had all my male equipment down below.  I became a chick with a dick.  Dana was so happy and we got along so well I didn’t care.

She didn’t force you to be transgendered?

No.  That came later and was my idea.  Dana didn’t even want me to do that.  Even though she was a les, she loved my dick, she said.  She’d get on me and impale herself and have a great time.  And since I had tits she could use them to give me more pleasure.  It was great.  Sex was even better.  And Dana is a master lover.


But finally Dana started going out on me again.

Was there a point when you just gave up and decided to be a woman for Dana?

That was the point after I got breasts.

But what was the point when you stopped humoring Dana and thought of yourself as a woman?

Dana dressed me every day for a while, like I said.  That day I was in a skirt and heels.  I got a look at myself in a mirror and that settled the matter for good.  I looked so feminine.  I asked myself ‘Is that me?’  The answer was yes, that is who I am and always have been inside and out.  There was no point in kidding myself any longer.  I’ve been a woman ever since.  I can remember I was a man once but that’s immaterial.  It was another life.

I cant believe it, Fanci.

That’s one reason I love you.  Estrogens have been kind to me after I started taking them two years ago before I got tits.  I was on the thin side as a man and early on as a woman but not anymore.  Now I have great looking curves.  And my clothes are chosen to emphasize and flatter every inch of them and my cleavage and my heart shaped ass.

What was the hardest part of the change?  Cross dressing?

Actually the worst part wasn’t wearing women’s clothes.  It was embarrassing myself by looking like a man in drag.  Dana promised me she’d never let me go outside looking like that.  She kept her promise.  From the start she always made me look like a woman until I was a woman in my head.

How did you come to be called Fanci?  I love it.  You’re a classy girl and it suits you.

When I was a man Fancyboy was one of Dana’s pet names for me.  I called her Cupcake and she called me Fancyboy.  When I became a woman it became Fancygirl and then just Fanci.  Dana hardly ever calls me Erin.  Neither does anyone else.  Dana bought me a red Camaro with a license plate that read “Fanci.’

Was this after Dana became a lesbian?

Dana became a lesbian early.  That’s what I’m going to talk about next.


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