Clive 7

It's On with Alexa Chung

It’s On with Alexa Chung (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Actually I lied to Tess about the money.  First, $10,000 isn’t all of it; $50,000 is more like it, although most of it’s spoken for.  But if I had to high tail it out of here of course I’d take it all.  Second, it’s not where she thinks.  It’s in a very safe place, not here in the filing cabinet she has a key for.  What’s in the filing cabinet is called a Michigan Bankroll:  it looks like bills in wrappers, but there’s only a few dollars on the outside.   On the inside is nothing but cut up newspapers, so it’s practically worthless.

I’m not the least surprised when Tess turns up missing one morning.  Nor am I surprised that the Michigan Bankroll is gone.  On the outside was less than fifty dollars and she wont get far on that.  Good riddance.  If she finds some rummy to move in with that’ll raise my little bastard so much the better.  But I wont let her back here.  The news is all over this little community and I try to act sufficiently broken hearted even though I am sooo glad the little skank is gone.  I even leaked it that she’d left with $10,000.

Outside Alexa waits.  She’s furious but she’s always furious over something.  There’s always anger and fury on her face; it obscures everything else.  She’d really be pretty if she’d wipe that hate off her face but I guess hate is all she knows.

You son of a bitch, she says.  It was your fault she left, you animal.  She was underage!

She was old enough, Alexa, I say cooly.  She knew what she was doing.

This is a predictable exchange.  We stand here crowing at each other until…and that’s the only reason I let her stay here.  Her shrewishness is more than made up for by her performance in bed.  Verbal abuse makes her hot.

I HATE YOU, she screams, sobbing pathetically.  I hate you SO MUCH!  She pushes her way into the little living room to give me a piece of her mind and tell me what a scumbag I am.  When she’s like this it’s all I can do to shut up and let her rage.  People like me should be publically castrated.  They hung Brother Amos and they’ll hang me. I deserve it.  Yak yak yak.

She takes off her clothes and lies down.  She says, If you think for one minute i’m doing this for any other reason than pity for you, you’re wrong.

She bawls some more and my dick is out and in her hand.  She can make it do the damndest things.  It prances like a stallion, then flutters like a dove.  And she is very wet from verbally abusing me.

Even as I am fucking her she screeches out comments about my character until she is caught up in climax.  After that I get my own, a spectacular gift from a girl that is hell on wheels in bed.

Sated by what she has done, she smiles and giggles and strokes my hair and kisses me affectionately.  She is crazy.  We fondle and baby talk each other.  When she decides she is enjoying this a little too much she  says primly, Just because we had a good sexual experience I don’t want you to think our relationship is anything but the vilest filth…

Alexa, SHUT UP!

She shrugs and holds and nuzzles me and we are like this until she speaks.  When she does she says in a very clear and well modulated voice, They say Tess ran off with some money.

I never told anyone about the Michigan bankroll.

I say, She took off with all the money, she thinks.  But there’s more.  At least another ten thousand.  It was in the filing cabinet and she had a key.  I don’t put money there any more, of course.

Oh?  Where?

In the locked top desk drawer.  There’s a key taped under the drawer but don’t tell anybody.

Tess was just a skank, Alexa says.  Never was any good.

Stay with me tonight, Alexa?

Of course, you poor baby, she says.  After all you’ve been through…

It comes as no surprise that in the morning Alexa disappeared in the night with another Michigan bankroll I’d put in the locked desk drawer.

The same thing happens the next day with Mila.  They’re all gone. All three that were pregnant with my children, taking a Michigan Bankroll with them.  Good riddance.  And the really big money is still safe, far away from this place.


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