Big Rock From Space

Prominence Earth

Prominence Earth (Photo credit: Lights In The Dark)

Big rock from space’ll hit the Earth today

Wont be nothing left the radio say

It’ll be here in an hour there aint nothing I can do

I think I don’t want to die alone and then I think of you


I drive around in panic cause there’s nowhere left to run

I see your car is there and that his is gone

I pull in your driveway slingin gravel as I go

Where is he I ask and you say that you don’t know


You pull me in the house and say in desperate tones

Come inside and hold me I don’t want to die alone

We lie on the bed and I see you’ve been cryin

Then my tongue goes in your mouth and yours goes into mine


We both rip our clothes away, nothing left to hide

You as wet as you can get say let’s take one last ride

Without the need for foreplay and without the time for lies

I am coming and you are close and begin those forlorn cries


I know I could’ve had you, you live three miles away

But I got tired and lazy and I let you get away

Now our loving god is on his way as angry as can be

He’s set the trees on fire but you’re still here with me


You touch it and it stands up right between two rocks

Hard and throbbing while it shakes its sticky locks

You make it prance like a stallion and flutter like a dove

What a time I picked, what a time to fall in love


You get on top and finish yours and start an angry shriek

A wicked howl of triumph and a hot flush on your cheek

Your hair and breasts swingin as the roof starts caving in

And I say I love you and will love you till the end-








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