Fayetteville 2


barn (Photo credit: Extra Medium)

The Wild Boar (Sus scrofa) is the wild ancesto...

The Wild Boar (Sus scrofa) is the wild ancestor of the domestic pig. As shown in his natural habitat. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Days later I find a farmer who wants the roof of a barn done.  By the afternoon of the second day they come for me.  Had it been yesterday or even this morning I would not have seen them.  Four of them already in the barn lot in a green bog of manure and mud.  One has a shotgun, the others pistols in belt holsters.  Nothing identifies them as cops but it doesn’t matter.

I jump off the roof and make a perfect landing and hear one of them yell.  I run along the side of the barn and at the corner one of them pops up and hits me with a slat with a noise that resonates through me.  I pitch headlong into dried chaff, springing up and running across the fence and through the chickenyard and hoglot where a boar comes up out of a wallow with a screech and charges me.

I can hear the pursuing man yelling Goddamn Goddamn as the boar charges him.  The man goes sliding across pig shit and I hear the slat whacking on the side of the boar.   I run on through waisthigh grass up a steep hill listening for the shot but it doesn’t come.  When I look back they are deployed across a field a hundred feet below me.  The shotgun is raised and a black flower blooms around me just before I hear the shot.  The pellets go up my back like wasps.

I come out running and go into a glade of pines, dodging the trees.  I run along a ravine until it draws away to the right, then slide down an embankment and jump across a creek at the bottom.  I stop and after a while I vomit.  I hear voices and sounds of pursuit in the distance and after a while they cease.  Later I go on and walk across a field attended by grasshoppers catapulting from the sedge.

When I am tired enough to drop I fall asleep in the woods.


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