Xanga 2?

Image representing Xanga as depicted in CrunchBase

Image via CrunchBase

Right after Memorial Day we were given to understand that unless Xanga raised $60,000 by July 15 it would be dead.  Well, July 15 has long since passed and I was still able to sign in and even post if I wanted, as recently as early this week.

So imagine my surprise last night when I found that Xanga is about to migrate to Xanga 2.0.  The information was confusing but I got the impression that as soon as they got their servers plugged in business would go on as usual if you bought a years membership at $48.00.  If anyone has been following this more closely than I please let me know what is going on with it.  I had accepted that Xanga was gone, and now it appears that some form of it may survive.