Xanga 2?

Image representing Xanga as depicted in CrunchBase

Image via CrunchBase

Right after Memorial Day we were given to understand that unless Xanga raised $60,000 by July 15 it would be dead.  Well, July 15 has long since passed and I was still able to sign in and even post if I wanted, as recently as early this week.

So imagine my surprise last night when I found that Xanga is about to migrate to Xanga 2.0.  The information was confusing but I got the impression that as soon as they got their servers plugged in business would go on as usual if you bought a years membership at $48.00.  If anyone has been following this more closely than I please let me know what is going on with it.  I had accepted that Xanga was gone, and now it appears that some form of it may survive.


8 thoughts on “Xanga 2?

  1. I am totally confused and had a premium blog when I left because I spent days trying to get on the site and finally had enough.
    Good luck finding out.

  2. They were supposed to send an e-mail to all users asking which blog the user wanted transferred to Xanga 2.0. I never got one. Everyone who has a blog will be able to read and comment. They won’t be able to post. I think only people who pledged got an e-mail (maybe). People who had premium/Lifetime who did pledge were supposed to get an e-mail with an survey and the option to pledge; I have yet to see the e-mail. On the frontpage, as I am sure you have read, it says to contact them if you didn’t receive an e-mail. There is no link to contact them…so that is all I know. At this point, I do not care that much. I like it here and if my blog survives, I will comment there on occasion. I am starting to find the content much more interesting and varied here than it was on Xanga. However, I miss the communication exchanges on Xanga. Someone liking your blog is not the same as someone talking about it.

  3. They extended the deadline until the end of July and right around that time the main dude said he would throw in 10 grand so they lowered the goal to 50, made it, and extended the deadline to the end of August to make more money. Basically the ‘firm deadline’ became very lax.

  4. Did you purchase a subscription or donate? If so, then your blog will be moved to 2.0 for the length of your contract term. If you were a previous lifetime member your contract will no longer be honoured (in other words, you’re out of luck). If you were a premium member that already paid previously, your contract will be honored to it’s ending date — whereapon you’ll have to cough up the $48 per year fee to continue. If you were a longstanding free member — oh well, Xanga no longer cares about you.

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