Cats, Anniversaries, and Dentists

English: indirect blood pressure measurement i...

English: indirect blood pressure measurement in a cat, oscillometric. Deutsch: indirekte Blutdruckmessung bei einer Katze, oszillometrisches Messverfahren (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Yesterday was my 25th wedding anniversary.  But I’m getting ahead of myself.

Today’s Friday.  Monday night something epochal happened.  I guess 25 years is an epoch to me.  Twenty five years ago I had upper bridgework permanently cemented in.  I was in a bad car accident and had a bunch of broken teeth.  The dentist did all this work for a mere $10,000 and I never had any trouble with the bridge.  Monday night I thought I had some food caught in my teeth and when my tongue found the food my bridge just dropped out.  Evidently the cement gradually cracked over the years and flecked away until the bridge was just hanging there.

So now I sound like a drunk with a speech impediment and look like an edentulous wino.  I have to have milkshakes or food I can gum, because my teeth were ground down to spikes to accommodate the bridgework and I don’t want to damage them.  The only people I can be around are total strangers that I will not see again or people who know me so well it doesn’t matter, and there aren’t many of those.  Tuesday I spent all day on the telephone trying to find a dentist that even did this kind of work.  All I wanted was the bridge glued back in.  A new one would be at least  $10,000 and we don’t have near that.  The few that would do this kind of work wouldn’t take our dental insurance.

All day Wednesday was spent driving to the other side of Louisville to take our sixteen year old cat long haired black cat Molly to see a veterinary ophthalmologist.  We’d taken Molly there two weeks before because the local vet wouldn’t touch the cat because he didn’t know what was wrong.  So we spent $500 to find out that the cat had high blood pressure and glaucoma.  The eye drops alone were $110.

You have doubtless gleaned we are animal lovers.  You’re right.  You may think we’re idiots.  That’s true.  You may have also surmised that we are rich and have all kinds of money to throw away.  We don’t.

But when we took her back on Wednesday we spent another $250 to find out that the cat’s blood pressure and intraocular pressure were back to normal and the hyphemia in her eye was nearly cleared up.  In another month we’ll have to spend another $250 to find out the cat is cured.  That’s a thousand dollars in six weeks on one old cat.  During that time we’ll have easily spent $1200 on cat food alone.  That’s nearly a quarter the cost of getting a new bridge.

I am a fool but it’s part of what I am and cant stop.  I don’t resent or begrudge Molly any of that money spent, or even getting clawed twice a day giving her a blood pressure pill, or getting bitten giving her fluids.  No more than if she were my human child.  As far as I’m concerned she is my child.

But I’m having arguments with the old lady about spending $10,000 for a new bridge.  That’s what I mean when I say that being an animal lover is an awful thing to be.

Yesterday we had to go to Indianapolis to do something important unrelated to cats or dentists.  In the late afternoon we stopped to eat.  When the waitress got to us she said, “What can I get for you ladies today?”

When that happens I usually get a big laugh out of it because it happens so often.  At restaurants, grocery stores, banks, gas stations, or anywhere else.  It’s just that my hair’s down to my collarbone and has been for years.  People don’t even look because life’s hard and they’re preoccupied.  I usually think it’s funny, but not yesterday.  See my post Ma’am? for more of these anecdotes.  I swear some day I’m going to spend all day in drag and see if it makes a difference.

Last night when we got home another of our cats, a seventeen year old one in that has been in perfect health, was acting pretty sick.  As I write this he’s at the vet right now, which will doubtless mean mo’ money.  All last night and this morning I’ve been getting dirty looks because the trip yesterday was primarily for me and that means it’s my fault we didn’t see sooner that the cat was sick, but WTF?  On a 25th you oughta be able to do something.

IDK why I even bother to write this.  All I’m doing is bitching, and I don’t go to WordPress  or Xanga to do that, even though it’s all some people ever do.  It’s just been a suck-ass week.

If you’ve had a 25th, or will have one, I hope it was or will be better than ours.

Good day.


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