I’ve always approached wordpress as a literary exercise.  Nothing has given me greater pleasure here and at Xanga than to entertain my friends with quality fiction that at least made them forget about everything for a while.  I’m unable to do this right now because I am in pieces.  It appears that my soon to be ex wife is going to dump me into a trailer park in the middle of Indianapolis because the Fotze is having an unprovoked mid life crisis.  I am terrified because I have lived on an isolated farm for decades and cannot deal with living in the city.  I just got out of the hospital a week ago after nearly dying of blood poisoning.  I was delirious for a couple of days and cant remember them even now.  I’m not used to being hit low like this.  I feel confused and terrified and think of Papa Hemingway in his last days and his confusion and terror.

Anyway, it is those of you who are my friends that I’m appealing to.  Any emotional support you could give would be appreciated, even just a hello.


5 thoughts on “Hochverratur

    • They’d better. I’m too old to start over and this is the third catastrophic loss in my life. I should check myself into a psych ward, but I don’t see the point. Thanks for your support. Troy

    • Thank you. I love you. Sometime I’d like to just hear the sound of your voice. I will always be in your debt for encouraging me to finish that novel. It may not be that important in the scheme of things but it was to me. A mythology in me that had to be gotten out.

      • If it was important to you then it was definitely worth it. I enjoyed reading your work a lot. I was always drawn in by your incredibly vivid characters. I never knew what to expect, and that’s what made the adventure so much fun.

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