I could call you Madeline Herzog and not be that far off in many ways.

Trouble is our ethnicity is all wrong for that.

I so desperately wish for once in our blond haired blue eyed WASP lives we were Catholic because then you wouldn’t leave me.  Even if you dealt with it by fucking around on me maybe I could even live with that.  But the problem has nothing to do with religion or faith.  It’s because you have no backbone.

Yesterday in the car I cussed you in German, a language you know not, some of the vilest words I remember.  Fotze.  Scmutzig, stinkinde, wertloss Fotze.  Hure von Holle.

Biegst du sich heute?  Breist du sie Ihre Beine heute aus?  These are deadly insults that make Hure von Holle (whore from hell) seem tame.  And I even finished in French, with tu es une salaud!  (You’re a cunt).

All kinds of words from all kinds of languages but one word fits from any language and that name is Iscariot.


5 thoughts on “Madeline

  1. Even when I’m reading things in a foreign language I don’t understand, I still greatly enjoy your ability to draw my attention.

      • I’ve just thought of a few things. A couple years ago I went out to visit a girl in Indiana. She lived in South Bend and one time while I was there they went down to Indianapolis for whatever, shopping I guess, so it’s kind of like the place to be if you’re in Indiana. I don’t know what your proximity to the downtown/bustling area will be, but it’s kinda nice to be around people even if you don’t give a crap about shopping or other such activities. Watch particular people long enough and you can come up with characters or make up silly stuff about them for your own amusement.

        Also, in order to visit this girl I stayed on a little farm outside of Waterloo. They didn’t have AC outside of the bedrooms, so basically the only thing that helped was getting in their pool (and 2012 was several 100+ degree days). Anyway, if you don’t have a pool around a room temperature shower/bath till you’re practically shivering makes the heat tolerable enough until you can fall asleep. Good air circulation also helps. Even if the temp’s not much lower outside, still feels a lot less stuffy out there, so fans or sleeping outside if you can manage it make a difference.

      • The reason my wife wants me that far away and by myself is very simple: she wants me dead so she can tie a mattress to her back. If I’m exiled that far away I will be a corpse in short order the way I nearly was a couple of weeks ago when I was so sick I nearly died. That part I’m not angry about; she could have let me die and we both would’ve gotten what we wanted. But like I said, she doesn’t have the stomach for that.
        I am so unable to care for myself I’d be gone in less than a month and if I’m a hundred miles away she doesn’t have to feel guilty. But make no mistake. That bitch wants me dead in the worst way.

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