Fat and Thin in America

I’m just getting used to FB and I notice that longer posts tend to get ignored there.  This morning I read something that moved me so emotionally that I felt I had to say something, and I just couldn’t keep it short enough for the attention span there.  I don’t even remember who posted it, but all I did was make it a point to “like” it.  It regards the intolerance of fat in America.  And my response is long because it goes right to one of my experiences.

The repressive, intrusive government of my state has been after people for years who don’t live like they “should.”  First it was the smokers.  Now it’s the fat people.  Years ago my wife and I got money off our insurance premiums if we signed a pledge not to smoke.  Since neither of us smoke, that was no problem.  Now they’re threatening to take it away if my wife  doesn’t walk or run x distance as documented by an pedometer she’s supposed to wear.  They are supposed to mail them out soon.

Most pedometers are cheap, and measure mileage mainly by vibration or jiggling.  A lot of fellow runners I knew used them but I never bothered.  I just ran courses I knew the distance of.

The problem is that my wife has a torn meniscus she got in a fall while doing her state job walking up a slippery step in the dark in a driving rain.  If she tries walking the joint’ll swell and she’ll have to have the surgery immediately, which we cant afford because of my surgery for the same injury.  I got mine from running tens of thousands of miles on roads and treadmills when I was younger because I was told I’d be healthier and happier when I got my age.

Bullshit!  Half the cartilage is gone from one of my knees and I need expensive shots from an orthopedist to be able to walk without hobbling.  If you are young and want aerobic exercise, be smart.  Use a bike.  A stepper’s better because you bear your entire weight without the pounding of running.  We cant afford to get my wife’s knee fixed because we had to get my knee fixed.  And that was stupid because I should have known what lying bastards politicians are and what it’s like in states without unions and who have group insurance plans with ten thousand dollar deductibles that suck..

Ask any old jock like me.  They’ll have stories like this to tell.

But when a woman who is overweight and sedentary is supposed to turn in a pedometer showing arbitrary distance walked or she will be disciplined and cannot get her knee fixed because the state employee insurance sucks, the spirit of Himmler is alive in the state capitol and it wont be long until we hear strains of the Horst Vessel Lied in Indianapolis.  For God’s sake, people.  My grandparents died in the last world war fighting things like this.  And we wouldn’t have had to fight it at all if we hadn’t given Hitler Europe country by country, hoping he’d behave.

What i did foolishly in the pursuit of athletic excellence is not what you do to get a little cardio to feel better and get healthier.  I understand she’s had our orthopedic surgeon write an appeal that has been denied.  She could lose her job, this woman that has given this state years of service, driving literally hundreds of thousands of miles and showing up in the predawn dark in some of the most dangerous parts of Fort Wayne, Muncie, Indianapolis.

Insurance fraud or not, I decided I could wear the pedometer and walk or run an easy mile on the treadmill.  Did I mention I have a turf toe from running all those miles?  I do and it acts up sometimes.  The day after the “easy” run I couldn’t put weight on it.  If you have a turf toe you know that when it acts up it feels like a shard of glass sticking into the toe joint.  I couldn’t walk without Vicodin.  So I wont try that again.  I have to stick with a bike.

IDK what to do.  I guess I could borrow a big dog from somebody, strap the thing to his collar, and let him run.

The point of all this isn’t our petty problems.  And it goes beyond even fascist state governments.  It has to do with the fact that some people just are always going to be fatter than others, and nobody has any idea why.  Until they do and can offer cheap and safe medical treatments to all they should refrain from trying to make middle age housewives Olympic athletes and worse, to make everybody perfect little Aryan copies of each other. That’s the root of this problem. The problem of prejudice against heavy people is no different than the xenophobia that is behind all racial and ethnic prejudice; because somebody’s too black, too white, too fat, too thin, too Muslim, their name is Blumenthal, or any other such asshole reason. They are not like us so they must be dangerous.

When I could run my miles I had a perfect physique.  Now I’m thirty pounds heavier.  We’re all different.  Get over it.  Because if you don’t, if they don’t, then even a WASP that is overweight could be in trouble.

Pax et Dux.  Peace and light.



One thought on “Fat and Thin in America

  1. You make an excellent point. Or maybe I just agree with you because I’m overweight. I think that’s ridiculous, though, that they expect people to prove they’re trying to lose weight. Since when is it anyone’s business what people do? I understand the need to be healthy, even though I’m suicidal and see no reason for living; I get why other people consider it important, but I don’t understand why we go about regulating things the way we do. People are different. They always have been and always will be. Is that not what makes us special? I wouldn’t want everyone to be clones of one another–what fun would that be? In that world I would be dead all ready. I couldn’t live like that.

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