From the Heart

You don’t care about politics, she says, looking at my Op-Ed.  You write novels.  You’re a fiction writer.

Writing novels comes from the heart, I say, desperately trying to keep my voice from cracking.

So?  She says.

My heart is broken, I say.

And my voice cracks.


5 thoughts on “From the Heart

      • It really could, and this is why you’re an incredible writer. I envy your ability to break hearts with so few words. I’ve spent the last few days trying desperately to work on two of the novel-length stories I’ve had in the works for years, and I’ve accomplished maybe a few paragraphs. I can’t write like I used to, and its bothering me more than it should.

      • Keep working consistently and don’t hammer yourself. That kind of frustration increases exponentially. The words are there. They’ll come to you. Have faith.

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