hard drive

Because of a hard drive problem six novels and the final drafts of the others are permanently lost. I did not know how much this would hurt. Anyway, your emotional support would be appreciated. Troy.


6 thoughts on “hard drive

  1. Oh fuck. I would be devastated. I’ve got work hand written in notebooks that I fear will either be annihilated in a tornado or burned in a fire someday. I have three separate flash drives with the same information, in case something awful happens to the stuff I’ve written on a computer. *hugs* I’m so sorry.

      • Well, for what it’s worth, I’m glad you’re still alive. Hopefully you can get your computer fixed in a timely manner. I’ve been working a lot lately, so I haven’t been around much. Take care.

    • Hey, Jen. On a positive note, I’ve retrieved all the old stuff from ascultafili at Xanga, even Tenement, which I thought I’d lost forever.
      On the down side, I went to the doctor Friday. He’d just gptten me on a dose and combination of medicine that kept me about even. I told him I didn’t want it changed and goddamn if he didn’t cut my Xanax, the thing that really does it. Saturday I felt tired and strange and ill on Sunday. This morning I started back on the crying jags and suicidal thoughts. So I said fuck him and went back to the pld dose. All these pills just cover things up, but when I actually start moving and I wake up not knowing where I am I need all the dope I can take.
      And when that morning comes God help me.
      I hope you are okay and that brother is able to deal with whatever misery life has foisted on him.
      Love always, Troy

      • Troy,

        I’m so glad to hear you retrieved your work from Xanga! I never got to finish reading most of it, and I would love to have that opportunity. I’m sorry about the situation with your doctor and everything. That sounds awful. If there’s anything I can do to help, please, let me know.

        Take care,

  2. Tomorrow is my divorce hearing.I will not be represented by. You del because I can’t afford it,so I am hoping to get butt ducked. If I weren’t such a pagan I’d ask u to pray for me, but keep me in your thoughts at two thirty. Love, troy

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