Sealed With a Kiss 9 Peaceful Easy Feeling

You catholic girls start much too late. But sooner or later it just comes down to fate.  I might as well be the one…Only the good die young, Billy Joel 1977

I see her feet first.  Female feet in what were once called cross trainers.  An almost-pretty blond in her twenties has stopped dead in her tracks.  She’s covered her mouth and is deciding whether to run like hell,  and I cannot let that happen.  I put away the taser quickly and smile and say, Hi.

She looks nervously around and says, What are you doing here?

Twiddling my toes, I say.  I’m thinking about painting them.  Arent they pretty?

She laughs and settles down a little.  There’s a cross around her neck that suggests Big Time Catholicism.  I say, I’m not trespassing am I?

She shrugs and says, I have no idea.  I’ve been here before. It just kinda, kinda…

Draws you in, I say, lying on my back and sticking my tongue at her.  How many times have you been here?

This is the third time for me.

Maybe cause it’s the only hill I have seen in this place, I say.  It just kind of gives you…

She says, Gives you a peaceful easy feeling, she says.

My own sense of humor is getting hard to control, I think as I look across the river.  As far as i’m concerned it has come to being a farce to a parody of mtv pixel art.

Hey, sit down here by me, I say, gently patting the grass on my right.  Come on…

Well, she says ok and sits by me maybe where the river bank begins.  Since she is so tight assed I wonder if she’s a townie or goes to school in some uppity place.

What’s your name, she says.

I’m Jim Chones, is say.

My names Virginia she says and I barely keep myself under control.

Catholic girls learn much too late.

How did you know i’m catholic?

Wild guess, I say.  Do you go to a parochial school?

St.  Annaling’s she says

Well whatever, I say.

She turns her face toward me and mine to her and you know what happens.

BTW, i was definitely was not the first.



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