Some got it Some Dont

:Saturday night I was out of my head.  Some kind of mosquito bit me and gave me brain fever.  I  don’t remember any of it but I was delirious.

I went to Wal Mart for something and had words with some asshole and told him to back off.  This caught a security guard’s attention and he approached me.  I told him to back off and keep his distance but he ignored that command.  My hands were up in a kung fu /kickboxing posture, but he’d seen this so many times he thought I was just another asshole posturing.  He was wrong.

He said the next thing he knew he was on his back looking up at the sky.  I’d done a karate sweep and dumped him on his ass.

My kung fu is good.

When the cops got there it was obvious I was delirious with fever.  I nearly died, and was in the hospital for a week.

Don’t take any chances with strangers, boys and girls.

There is such a thing as a charmed life.

Jenn or anyone else who wants to talk tonight about this, call me.

Love to all, Troy


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