Sealed With a Kiss 12

Tempus Fugit.  Time passes.  If I didn’t have a watch I wouldn’t have any idea wherewhen I was.  How can that be?  I think surely I would have taken off a watch when I went back or the magnetic fields would’ve fried it.  But how else would I have know the time when I got there?

They’re making no effort to do anything but keep me hydrated and let the massive internal damage heal.  What else can you do with radiation poisoning?  I try to sit out of bed for longer periods, and they don’t like that.  Even when I get up to go to the crapper.  A nurse who looks twelve years old keeps looking in on me and frowning when i’m out of bed but if I don’t get up and move around i’ll be too weak to sit up.

Finally they take away my watch and everything deteriorates.  Someone is being wheeled in here on a gurney, screaming in the middle of the cloud that stinks of blood and xrays.  This must be an acute care facility.  There’s nothing like the despair you see in the chronic ones where you go to die.

In this mental place I go to when there is no other I get words like anisotrophic and orthogonal.  Something about a fighter craft that goes 4000 mph.  That’s nothing on a relativistic scale but apparently it’s just enough to have measurable flattening of local spacetime that the mind cant handle it so it has to be hologramed into a form the mind can grasp.  Then the image of splitting of wood along predetermined lines.  The electron density in pi bonds on a Benzene ring.  That’s anisotrophy.  The hologram must be orthogonal.  Empty words from undergraduate school.

I come to with a start when I see Sadaam Hussein looking down at me.  It’s Dillon of course.

They couldn’t find any cancer, he says and seems on the verge of a giggle.  I told them just wait.  Your white cell count is almost nothing.  So to protect you from infection they give you five antibiotics so you’ll get more resistant Staph.  Your bloodwork looks funny.  What do you expect?

I think I have to do the hit or we’ll lose it altogether, I say.

That’s what I thought, he says.  We’re the only two people here who can even shoot a gun and I have to stay here and run things or i’d go myself.

No you wouldn’t, I say.

No, he says with a tired shake of the head.  I wouldn’t.  Can you be ready in a few days?  He says.

I’d go right now but i’m too weak, I say.  We’ve been tip toeing around a problem when it needs to be hit with an axe.  The shoot needs to changed a little.

Spend the rest of the day  getting up and moving around, he says.  When we get the details right you’ll leave in an hour.  He leans out the door and says, Nurse!

Could you get my watch back?  I say.  I don’t even know what month it is.


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