Sealed With a Kiss 14

After the kid lets them in they see the body and one of them says, Holy Shit.  They look young and inexperienced.

Meanwhile the child is looking right at me and his face turns white.  I hold a finger to my lips and mouth the words, Be quiet.

And I know I am hallucinating because as this puppet show goes on I think I hear Gregorian chants.

And I shake my head.  The child’s Parasympathetic Nervous System takes command and he pisses right on the floor.  I pick up a glass vase and hurl it over everybody’s head at the wall.  The noise distracts the cops long enough for me to bolt out the door.  One of them shoots at the sound and then they are chasing me. One of them shoots me in the back and the armor protects me but it still hurts like hell.  I trip over something hidden in the snow and go sprawling.  They are almost at me when I taser the closer one and use him and the bushes to keep away from his partner.  He shoots and an overhead branch splinters and crashes behind me.  And then I am in the ship as the crazed cop hammers uselessly at the ship.  He touches a part of the outside of the forcefield and is fried by gamma rays.

I try to push the stick forward but it feels like it’s set in cement.  And I remember I had told Dillon about the forced singing and he chewed Hoggins a new asshole.  Then Hoggins’ face comes on the computer screen.  I have to sing Save Your Heart for Me, circa 1965.

Walk along the lake with someone new

Have yourself a summer flame or two

But remember i’m in love with you and

Save your heart for me, Darlin

Save your heart for me

Now the stick seems to move on its own and the default settings take hold and by god I will have Hoggins’ balls for a bow tie.  I don’t need to go home yet.  If things are different at home my job may be over but i’m supposed to observe and report on the game.  I get a fish’s eye view of the back yard as cops swarm all over.  They seem to be afraid of the ship like superstitious savages.  I make some quick course corrections and go to a deserted niche near Lambeau field and hide the ship.  It’s an hour before kickoff and it is cold.  I give a scalper a thousand counterfeit dollars for it, dollars printed by Hoggins.

Now either you’ve seen the replay of this game so many times it makes you sick or you couldn’t care less and just want to know what happened.  It was sickening and cold.  The game unfolded just like it did originally and my big moral dilemma was that since I am a loyal Redskins fan I automatically hate Dallas but I have to root for them.  And then comes fourth down.  I bet Starr calls the same play and since this game has not deviated from the way it was before I am so tired and afraid I want to cry.

Then a miracle occurs.  The slippery surface must have done something because Starr fumbles the snap and the ball bounces on the ground behind him and here comes the whole Dallas defensive line.  Starr picks up and ball and runs.  He sees a fleeting Boyd Dowler open in the end zone and passes the ball but Cornell Green is there and bats the ball onto the ground.  With two seconds left Don Meredith takes the snap and falls on the ball and the game is over.  Dallas wins the game.   An entire stadium that was roaring is suddenly very quiet.  Everyone is in shock.  And while they are figuring out what happened I bolt and get away from there.  It is so cold I haven’t been able to feel my feet for two hours.

When your team wins, party hard.  When they lose, party harder.  I haven’t eaten for days and I am starving.  I want a drink and some food and hope the drunks don’t bother me much.  They will be a vicious lot tonight.  Besides, it’s New Year’s Eve.


2 thoughts on “Sealed With a Kiss 14

    • Hey, JR. It was fun to write. This one is to get the cheesiness out my system so I can write something more serious. Thanx 4 stopping by and commenting.

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