Sealed With a Kiss 16

We are only about a block from the ship when they stop and surround us, all three of them.  At first I politely try to go around them but they move to cut us off.  We are cornered.  They’ve been drinking enough to make them mean but not enough to be impaired.  They say nothing.  If they were crowing at us I would be a little less worried but they say nothing while they work themselves up to do whatever they want to with us.

I was trained that when someone is holding a gun on you to start making small movements to get them used to movement.  I don’t see any weapons but it really doesn’t matter much; when three of them jump you, you’re in trouble no matter who you are.

Hey, you, I say, walking up to the one on my left.  Don’t I know you?  I say, carefully walking up to him.  I’m pretty sure I do.  Take off that stupid ski mask.  I want to see…

And I quickly yank the ski mask off, sink my teeth into his cheek and yank my head away and with it most of his flesh on that side.  When he screams I hit him low to take his wind.  I turn around just in time to crush the second one’s windpipe.

Usually when this happens the third one will run away but not this one.  They are determined.  I get a metal trash can lid and as  he dives for me I raise the lid and hit him hard in the face with it.  He falls to his knees and as he does I get him by the collar and smash his face into the ground over and over, full of homicidal rage.

Virginia has just stood there thru all this but now she panics and starts to bolt and I just do catch her by the upper arm.  It pulls me off balance and i slip on a patch of clear ice  and fall to the ground and hit my head so hard I am temporarily knocked stupid but I keep Ginny’s arm in a vise grip.

When I come to my senses I get her by the shoulders and shake her hard and say, Listen to me!  Cops will be out looking for drunks and if you run down the street like a drunk injun going after more liquor I guarantee a cop somewhere will sense it and be on top of you before you know it.  If that happens I cant help you.  I’ll leave you here and go home alone, ya heah?  If they find those stiffs back here they will be all over the place.  Understand?

Yes, she whimpers.

The ship’s less than a football field away.  Take my arm and walk with me.  Briskly but don’t run.  We’re almost there.

I kiss her hard on the mouth.  God but she smells good.

Let’s go then.

I am scanning the street for hiding places and am right by a walk down apartment where we could hide if we had to when I see it.  Just a faint glow of headlights on ice and I know it has to be a copcar.  They say that a man’s vision for movement at a distance is even better than a dog’s.

I incline my head toward the walk down and whisper, We gotta hide.  Down there.

She is hanging all over me there in the dark.  I kiss her and whisper, Don’t be afraid, my love.

She squeezes my shoulder in reply and I hug her tight.  And it dawns on me that I am falling very hard for a slut but what she is I don’t care.  When we get home if they don’t stop me i’m taking her to a motel and do nothing but fuck her for two weeks and see if I still feel that way after that after getting all that trim.  If so i’ll just have to deal with it.

I mean, why am I so afraid?  I have a military taser and a fully loaded firearm and could handle two cops that aren’t expecting it.  I guess i’m afraid of losing her.  Finally the police car turns the corner and goes out of sight.

Quick!  I say.  To the ship.  I think they’re coming back!

And we make it there and I close the canopy.  There are no prompts to sing.

Ginny, we’re safe now.  Relax.

We’re safe?  RU sure?

We’re completely invisible, I say.  And there’s a force field that will repel anything up to a tactical nuke detonated right on top of us.  Before we leave I need to tell you some things.

Okay, she says with reluctance and suspicion.

I don’t like the ship not prompting me to sing.  I wonder if that means they planned to strand me here once the job was done.  But that makes no sense.  Leaving me back here could undo everything I’ve done.  Maybe there’s a booby trap, an explosive that will detonate when I push the stick.  But that doesn’t matter.  I’d rather they did that to me than leave me here.

Listen, I say.  There’s good possibility I may die soon, maybe in a matter of weeks from radiation.  It was from a design flaw in the ship.  But if everything has changed back in my world they will have advanced far beyond what they were and they might have a cure.  I’m betting they will.  RU okay with that?

I guess I have to be, she says.

No you don’t.  You can get out of this ship and walk away.  Last chance.

I’m coming with you, she says firmly.

Okay.  You will be in agony like nothing you ever have for about 30 seconds when I push the stick.  Don’t be afraid.  It wont really hurt you.

Did you kill Vince Lombardy?  She says.

I answer by ramming the stick forward.


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