Sealed With a Kiss 18

Post coital conversations are like nothing else.  Things get said that will never be anywhere else.  But it’s not like this with Ginnie.  WTF does someone like me say to a girl like Virginia, anyway?

Getting cured of cancer was not fun at all, but that’s what i expected.  It’s gone now and that’s what matters.  Ginnie and i have been drinking champagne and eating from room service trays and we have been naked for the last two weeks.  And she has fucked me enough times that my sex drive is about down to normal.  Time for some rational thoughts, at least from me.  I’m still not sure what i feel about all this.  We have just made love and she has crawled next to me and i have pulled the covers over both of us as we hold each other.  In 30 seconds she’ll be asleep.  I wish i could sleep like that.

This is arguably the best hotel on Cumberland Island.  In the late TwenCen this island had no bridge from the mainland, just a ferry.  To book just a day to backpack and camp here you had to get on a waiting list and it could be months and there were strict rules about your behavior and what was allowed here.  There was great pressure from economic interests to build a bridge and open the island for development but the locals fought valiantly for decades and successfully kept them out.  I’ve seen pictures and home movies of this place from that time and i can understand why they fought.  It didnt work but they tried.  Now the beach would look like Waikiki except that it is so flat.

It’s mid morning and time for my walk.  I shower and shave and put on swimming trunks and an open button shirt and training shoes.  I go down the stairs and out the back way past palmetto and scrub palm and pine out to the beach.  It’s September and tourist season is over.  There’s no amount of money you could give so i’d swim in that water.  You see, this beach sucks.  It sucks all the way down and past Jacksonville.

Now it’s low tide and you can see the sand bar that runs from the the edge of the water out about fifty yards.  If you know it you can walk out that far and stand in the middle of all that water.  Kids do it all the time but to me it’s suicide, even if you have a watch and know when the tide changes.

Some years back a couple of the little bastards walked out there and got trapped when the tide came in early.  They would have drowned if the lifeguard hadnt seen them.  The currents here are monstrous and on that day were so strong the lifeguard couldnt get them right back to the beach.  He had to take them back at an angle and ended up miles down the coast on the beach of a private island.  But they survived.

This is the back way to the library.  I’ve been coming here for an hour or so most days but today i’m ready for serious and detailed study.  In particular films of times in the 1960s.  Events in that decade sprouted more timelines that i would have thought possible.  The outcome of a football game is nothing in the scheme of things yet changing the outcome of one made the difference between the extinction  of the human race from a nuclear war and the apparent golden age that i and everyone else is enjoying right now.

You’d have to be insane to want to change anything in the past now, yet…sometimes there is a moral imperative that makes doing the right thing more important even than survival.  As i think these thoughts that make no sense i wonder if i have already lost my mind.  But i at least have to know some things.  I button my shirt and go inside to look at old videos.  One of Lyndon Johnson signing the Civil Rights Act, another of something a few years before.  I guess i’m trying to persuade myself to do something i’ve already made up my mind to do.



Sealed With a Kiss 17

Ginnie’s sitting on my lap in this claustrophobic ship as we leave 1967 and head forward a couple of hundred years.  Stretched taut like a  rubber sheet, smacking us together and then accelerating her to the edge of the universe where she reaches out to me but we are in an impossibly constructed cosmos.  Sailing bright eternity thru an ocean of night to a furious gulf of dark matter that keeps us apart until her distorted image grows bigger and moves across a sea of suns until we are face to face and she screams and the ship makes a nice little pop and materializes wherewhen i left.  It shudders  and shakes itself like a dog shaking off water and is finally still and quiet.  There is no crowd as we land in the blue circle on a shadowy empty deck.  I see a shadow of a figure in an obscure corner that i think  is Dillon.

You can stop screaming Ginnie, i say.

Whaa…i’mm dying, she says.

Not any more, i say.  Pull yourself together fast.  Act subservient to me and follow my lead and do whatever i say.  I think this is going to be alright.

The man who looks like Saddaam Hussein comes out of the dark and walks leisurely over to the ship as i raise the canopy and stretch and try to help Ginnie sit up.  I stumble out of the craft and finally Ginnie gets out and stumbles and lands on her feet.  Her eyes are those of a wild animal.  I smile at her and pull her hair out of her eyes.

Dillon stops ten feet away and says cautiously, How was the game?

Cold, i say indifferently.  I was never cold in my life until that day.  Did i succeed?

What do you think?

Dont fuck with me.

There was no WWIII, he says.  Not this time.

I have to congratulate Hoggins’ math for that.  It was exquisitely thin but it got the job done.  Just.  Where is he?

Dr. Hoggins is taking a very long sabbatical, he says.  On my orders.

OMG.  You didnt throw him in a gulag?

Certainly not, he says with studied indignation.  He needed a rest.

Did you throw him in a lunatic asylum?

We dont have those anymore.

A reeducation camp?

Dillon smiles frostily and says, now you’re getting warm

I’m surprised he isnt here.

You and he dont get along.  He thought as soon as you’d gotten out of the ship you’d try to kill him.

I probably would have, i say and yawn and stretch.  I look around at the empty hangar and say, Where is everybody?  Oh…maybe not everybody needed to know.  Those time paradoxes…

There’s no such thing as a temporal paradox, he says contemptuously.  Only archaic notions about what time is.  Not everybody needed to know.  What do you want, anyway?  A parade?

Shit no.

Is she er…he says as he looks crossways at Ginnie like strange animal.  Is she er…

The woman is mine, i say.

Well…can she do anything?

Nothing you’d want to do for money.

I see.  Well, we can train her and get her a job or…or she can be a housewife, IDC.

Whatever she wants, i say indifferently.

Perhaps she’d like to er…

A couple of women that look like nurses appear at the door.

Why dont you go with them, Ginnie?  I say.  I’ll see you later.


Get on, now.

They lead her away with cautious roughness while i stare at the floor and Dillon stares at the ceiling.  When they are gone he says, She’ll go out on you, you know.

I know it, i say.

Is it that good?

Better.  I want a month off.  At one of those Cumberland Island hotels, just drinking and fucking.

That’s the least i can do, he says.  But arent you forgetting something?


That you’re dying of cancer.

I forgot that.

Would you like to live?  We can arrange it.

You can cure me?

Yes, but it wont be much fun.