Sealed With a Kiss 20

When i see this in my hotel room i freeze and so do Ginnie and the bellhop that had been humping her.  I dont think any of us quite believes what we’re seeing.  A wave of dizziness hits me and i stumble and almost fall but steady myself.  As we all stare at each other i see mortal fear in the bellhop’s eyes.  Years ago i would have beaten him within an inch of his life but i am weary. I move so that i am not blocking the path to the door.

YOU!  I yell at him.  Pull up your pants and get back to work before i change my mind and kill you.

I never wouldve believed anyone could get their pants up that fast but he does.  And he he looks at me all the time he is moving toward the door.  I closed it when i came in and he almost runs right into it.  He flings the door open and flees.  I go over and close the door and sit down across from Ginnie, who is still naked.  My real business is with her.

Get some clothes on and pack up your things i say, my voice shaking. Then come back and sit down on the bed.

I move my chair so that it blocks egress from the room.  It seems like an hour but she’s packed in less than five minutes.  She seems terrified.

When she sits down i look at her and say, I knew you’d do this sooner or later.  But why the minute my back is turned?

Then i lose it and stand over her and shout, WHY, YOU TREACHEROUS SLUT?  WHY NOW?  DIDNT YOU…

And i stop.  Something about the terror in her eyes.  And then it dawns on me.  This one’s been abused.  Sexually and physically.  It explains her pointless promiscuity perfectly.  I was slow putting it together because i’ve never been abused and never knew anyone who had, but it’s right there.  The look of an animal that’s been abused.  And i stop  being angry.  There’s no point.

Listen to me, i say.  Do what i tell you.  Go back and tell Dillon i said to get you your own room immediately. Get your stuff out of mine.  Dont be there when i get back.  And i’d rather not see you again.

She still looks like she’s swallowed Drano.  She hasnt moved.  I say, Well?  What RU waiting for?

She picks up her bags and moves very slowly and deliberately to the door and i bury my head in my hands.  When she gets to the door she pauses and looks at me.

What RU waiting for?  I say.  Go and sin no more.

I will not see her again.


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