Retrospective on Sealed With a Kiss

First of all I want to thank all of you who stayed with me on this troublesome story and read, liked, and commented.  I started writing this pablum in December 2014 and didnt finish this piddling 20,000 words until last week.  In the summer of 2010 I wrote the first Dana novel of 80,000 words in a mere 10 weeks.  There was very little editing between this first draft and the final version.

Sealed With a Kiss is massively flawed but can be salvaged if i care to do it.  I think the characters were pretty good, the suspense constant, and enough cliff hanging to keep you reading.  The problem, I eventually understood, was my state of mind: I just didn’t give a shit.  I haven’t since I was dumped and came to live in this godforsaken shithole. That’s understandable but until that changes, which it won’t, there’s not much point in writing fiction.  Plenty of other things to write.

My mind still works ahead though.  At the end of the story Colonel Jim Chones of the Time Police is stealing a new timeship to go back to 1963 and prevent the Kennedy assassination.  It seemed a good ending.  I was so glad to be done with this story that I never want to work with them again.  Still, my mind worked ahead to how I could sequelize it.  No way I will do that because the subject has been done to death.  I was curious enough to research the subject a little and saw that while more recent forensic accounts support that Oswald could not possibly have fired the fatal third shot that blew part of Kennedy’s head off because of the ballistics of the rifle.  Besides, it appears to have come directly from the AR-14 that a Secret Service agent in the car just behind the presidential limousine was holding.  The official story was that when Oswald’s shots were fired the driver accelerated which threw the agent off balance and made him fire accidentally.

It’s just good science to accept that because it fits everything without any need for conspiracy theories.  It’s called Occam’s Razor.  I have problems with it though.  I cannot believe that I have better firearms training than a fed.  And  was told that you never, ever point a firearm at anything you aren’t ready to shoot.  The rifle should have been pointing straight up, not right at the president.  Besides that, you rest your finger on the trigger guard, never the trigger until you are going to fire.

This all gets Byzantine enough for a sequel.  My mind even came up with a title: The Twenty Second.  Remember how great the TV show Twenty Four was its first season?  How good the suspense was?  The way time was compressed/dilated?  It would have been like that.  But I wont write it.  Too much trouble.  If I write fiction again here it will be something entirely different.

IDK why this post got out of hand, but I guess I needed to say this.  I don’t have any new ideas and I am empty of those things and everything else.  But there’s non fiction, and that’s a lot easier to write.

One last note.  I wanted to see if anyone caught the last sentence in this story.  Apparently not.  If you take out “Allah’s grace” and put in “Our Lord Jesus Christ” you have the last verse of Revelation.  I just wanted to give this ending a little more class.  The verse stuck in my mind because after all the horrible imagery in Revelation there is this benediction.

Pax et Lux.  Peace and Light.


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