Silly Ass Waste of Time.

It is usually a waste of time to remake a tv show that was worthless but even more when it might have been a good in its original.  The absolute worst was trying to remake the original star trek into THE NEXT GENERATION.  The Enterprise was supposed to be the flagship of star fleet, and no one would ever put an effeminate old man in charge of something that important.  But that’s not my real gripe.  It is with the new X Files show.

There is nothing in the trailers to suggest that there will be anything new in this dreary reamake.  Just the same two clowns that bored us to tears in the original show.  Do yourself a favor and skip it.


One thought on “Silly Ass Waste of Time.

  1. ’90s nostalgia is on the rise so not too surprising they’re trying to bring it back. I never watched it but did see the movie which I liked at the time, probably doesn’t hold up, though.

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