Letters From Indiana :Drug Bust on My Street

It can be demoralizing to see how out of touch you are with even your immediate surroundings and that you’re becoming more behind the times with each passing day but despite that I can gloat a little because a post of mine last May 28 titled Letters From Indiana 4.   A week ago Friday I was backpacking down to the grocery store when i saw a Sheriff’s car and a State Police car in the parking lot of an auto detailing shop where i had cut thru.  The cops were out of the cars talking to each other.  I didnt think much of it until i heard about a big bust in a house six doors down from me on my block.  The auto shop belonged to the people who were busted so it obviously must have been a front they were using for laundering money, although nobody said that.  It just makes sense.

That was about eleven Friday morning.  On Saturday morning my ex wife called me and told me there had been a big drug bust on my street and had i heard sirens.  I was in a foul mood and told her i hadnt heard a fuckin thing.  I thought it had just happened and wondered why i am the last to hear these things.

It wasnt until i got on the website of the local TV station that i saw the clip about the bust, which had occurred at four AM Friday.  I immediately recognized the house since i walk by it all the time.  And i made the connection to the auto shop.

This all began a couple of years ago when this place passed very tough laws restricting access to needles.  Predictably, the subsequent explosion of HIV cases here made the national news and became a national disgrace.  These people just dont get that intravenous addicts dont care if a needle is infected with HIV or Ebola.  They’ll still use it to shoot up.  So these idiots passing the needle restriction laws created their own problem.  To them, like to my ex wife, when something goes wrong it’s always somebody else’s fault.  Just blame it on the addicts and pushers.

What’s amazing is that the Draconian policy about needles has not only changed; it’s done a one eighty.  According to the local paper the Scott County Health Department got “permission” from our Fascist Governor Mike Pence to establish the state’s first needle exchange.  I hear Pence is in trouble politically so that might be part of this but it doesnt matter how it got done.  At least it got done.

Of course there was much self righteous, self congratulatory posturing by the local constabulary about the bust itself, complete with a blood curdling ultimatum to all pushers.  Ho hum.  This place is too small.  I cant even go out for a walk without feeling like i’m being watched.  It’s more like East Berlin in the sixties than Indiana.

There’s a much deeper problem at work here of course.  When there’s a big demand for anything in a market economy and a niche becomes vacant it will immediately be filled by somebody else.  Prohibition comes to mind and is the same in principle except Prohibition was very unpopular from the gitgo and was eventually repealed after the unspeakable damage it did.  People do not understand that you cannot legislate away appetites.  They never will.

And Austin, just a fit’s throw up the road, remains ground zero.  It looks the same and i will never be able to pass thru it without thinking about The Walking Dead.  A lot of fucked up people walking aimlessly around.  And now, as back in May, i believe the best cure for this county is a few megatons up the ass.  And from a safe distance i would push the button myself.  Maybe just take out all of southern Indiana while i was at it.

This is Troy Eriksen.  Good day.



One thought on “Letters From Indiana :Drug Bust on My Street

  1. You succinctly summed it up with the statement that you cannot legislate away appetites. When people want something they will stop at nothing to get it, laws be damned.

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