Roswell 10


Maria Deluca is an hysteric, like her mother Amy.  In this way is the misery handed down.  In the south most women are hysterics to this day but Roswell NM is a long way from the south.  Foregoing a clinical description it will do for most purposes to say Maria is a tightly wrapped drama queen.

It’s not clear why she stops to offer Isabel a ride, since she is scared of all three aliens and terrified of Izzie in particular.  But she stops.

She is listening to something by Christina Aguilera when she spots Izzie on the side of the road by the jeep and with a tow truck.  As she is pulling off the road and Izzie sees who it is she mumbles, Of course,  and rolls her eyes.

Going home?  Maria asks sweetly.  I mean, do you need a ride, Isabel?

Izzie looks up at the sky and at Maria and gets in.

Sometimes Izzie can be downright evil.  No, maybe it’s that she can be a real bitch.  And though Max is king and the healer and Michael the soldier, neither has the kind of instinct to go for the throat that  Izzie has.  Or the fondness for getting in peoples’ heads.

They have gone less than a mile when Izzie says, Doesnt this thing have any air conditioning?

Yeah, Maria says.  It’s on all the way.

Izzie passes her hand over a vent and the cold air roars out.

OMG!  Maria shrieks.  What RU doing?

I’m just making it more comfortable in here, Izzie says innocently, fighting an evil, alien leer.

Dont do that in my car!

Whatever, Izzie says.  What year is this thing?

It’s an ’08 and it’s never been towed, either.

Well, the sound system is pathetic, Izzie says.  And i dont like this plebian music anyway.

Izzie passes her hand over the speaker and in so doing not only raises the volume by reducing resistance in the circuits but changing the channel to something classical.  It’s playing Handel’s Music for the Royal Fireworks.

Maria screams and loses control of the car and they almost end up in a ditch but she gets control back and slows down, since they have just crossed into Roswell.

I’m just trying to help you out, Izzie says sweetly.  She frowns as she looks down and fingers the key chain with the little green bug eyed alien.  What’s this?

Embarrassed, Maria says, My mother makes ’em.

There is an awkward silence.  At least for Maria.

I’ll tell her to stop, Maria says.

My mother does stupid things too, Izzie says, patronizing.

She does?

Dont all mothers?

Yeah, i guess, Maria says.  Does she know?

That she does stupid things?

No.  That um, you and Max are like, you know, different.

You mean evil, grotesque things from outer space that sneak into your houses at night and perform vile and excruciating experiments on you?

Maria has taken her eyes off the road but even though she’s only going 20 mph when she desperately slams on the brakes she cant slow down enough to avoid rearending the car ahead of her.

OMG, Maria squeals.  OMG.

The driver gets out of what is or was an unmarked car and out steps none other than the sheriff of Roswell and all of Chaves county, Jim Valenti.

Oh, shit, Izzie says quietly.

Valenti walks unhurriedly to the driver’s side and looks at Maria and Izzie.

Ladies, he says.


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