Roswell 18 Holmes’ Bad Day



I have just exchanged a couple of monosyllables with Liz, acting like i barely know her, seeing a look of perplexity and hurt in her eyes.  I am trying really hard but this just isnt working.  I walk, seething, into the bathroom that looks deserted but isnt.  I dont see the feet of someone who is sitting on the crapper until i’ve hit the stall wall so hard it comes loose and falls on whoever is inside.  Then i see that the squatter is Michael.

When Michael emerges from the stall he says impassively, Gandhi feeling frustrated?

STFU, i say.

We are both washing our hands when Michael says, Lemme guess.  You’re in love with a girl and she’s with another guy.

You can be such a prick, Michael, i sigh.

Come on outside, he says.  I have just the thing to elevate your mood.

We both watch as…

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