Roswell 25 Max’s Story


When we get to the door of their room we pause, hesitate, and look at each other for some cue for what to do next.

We’ll just knock, Liz says.

Go right ahead, Izzie says coldly.

Liz hesitates.  Izzie gets impatient and unlocks everything and pushes the door open.  In the parsimonious light Maria squeaks and rolls off the bed and lands on Michael who is lying on the floor.

Liz turns on the light and says, Maria!

What RU guys doing here?  Maria says.

Uh, well…we thought you were in trouble but i guess not, Liz says.

No, Maria says indignantly, getting to her feet.  You dont think…i mean, that is unreal!  Michael, you have to tell them…

Come on, honey, Michael says.  We dont have to lie about it anymore.

Maria, i believe you, Izzie says.  The day Michael calls anybody honey it’s all over.

I dont believe anything happened here either but i have the feeling these two like each other and just dont know it yet.

So i guess you’re here to be supportive as usual, Michael says.

No, i say.  Here to clean up your mess as usual.  WTF were you thinking?

I was thinking i cant wait around anymore for the two of you.  You both like Roswell, you like your family and your make believe human life.  That’s great, Maximus.  Keep pretending.  Dream on.  But it wont last.  Because some fine day they are gonna find out about us and when they do everybody in this room…

Kyle walks thru the open door.

Kyle!  Liz exclaims.

You’re long way from home, Holmes, i say.

Everyone in this room is what?  Kyle says.

Get out!  Michael says.

Why dont you go ahead and finish what you were saying?  Kyle laughs.  Or RU afraid i’ll find out what your little secret is?  RU afraid i might just find out WTFU guys are doing out here in the middle of nowhere?  In the middle of the night?

Michael grabs Kyle and roars, I said get out.

Michael, dont, i say to his deaf ears.

Michael literally tosses Kyle across the room.  He slams against an armchair and it topples over and Kyles rolls until he is still.  Kyle gets up and looks at us with indignation and fear.

Who are you, really?  Kyle says.  What’s going on here?  And why RU here, Liz?  Come on.  I’m gonna get you outta here.  Come on.

When Kyle grabs her arm it’s my turn to be a horse’s ass.  Take your fuckin hands off her, i say, advancing toward him..

Stop it, both of you, Liz says sharply, just as i am about to throw Kyle across the room.  This has gotten way out of control.  Kyle, i’m not your gf anymore.

Liz, IDK what’s going on here and i dont care.  I just want you to come back home with me.

You dont belong here, Kyle, Liz says.  It’s none of your business.

Liz, IDK what i ever saw in you, Kyle says to save face.  Then he turns and walks out and slams the door.  That’s two people who were tailing us and i wonder if there are more.

I’ll take you guys home, i say wearily.

No!  Liz says.  No more secrets from us.  Maria and i are both part of this.  If we dont know everything how can we protect ourselves?  How can we help you?

We dont need any help, Michael says.

Right, Maria says.  Try stealing somebody else’s car and see what happens.

What do you want to know?  I say.


Liz, that’ll make you and Maria accessories.


Alright.  A few weeks ago Michael broke into sheriff Valenti’s office trying to find that picture he showed you from 1959.  The corpse with the handprint.  It’s the only proof we have of other aliens besides us.  Michael found a key.  When he touched it he had a vision.  A vision of a dome in Marathon TX.

So you think this key will unlock the dome and you’ll find something there that will tell you where you came from?  Tell you what you are?

Yes.  That’s it.

Then what are we waiting for?  Liz says.





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