Roswell 28

As we pull up to the curb and Valenti walks over i know what has happened and i realize i have been stupid again.  There’s only one reason the cops are here and i couldve easily prevented it.

Valenti stares at me thru his Ray Bans.  By god i am so tired of his fuckin face.  Especially with the fuckin sunglasses.  I will have to get a pair of my own and a JC Penney suit so i can look like a federal marshal.

He nods at us and says, Max.  Isabel.  I’m afraid i have some bad news for you.

Mom comes over as we get out of the jeep.  Mom?  Izzie says.

Oh, Izzie, she says.  Max, they robbed the house.

When?  Izzie says.  When did it happen?

This AM i guess.  I stopped at the house on my lunch break and they were already gone.

Were you harmed?  I say.


What did they take?

Oh, the TV, the stereo.  Nothing that cant be replaced.  I havent checked the bedrooms yet.  I called your dad.  He’s on his way.

We’re gonna check our rooms, Izzie says.

I go right to where i had hidden the files.  Gone, i say to Izzie.  They’ve just shut down the X-Files again, Scully.

Stole them you mean, Izzie says.

We have obviously been under surveillance.  They knew exactly when the house would be empty.

I was stupid, i say.  I couldve dropped them off at a storage place on the way home.  I had the money.

Who would do this, Max?

Who do you think?  Topolsky was there.

They didnt come for the TV did they?  They knew what was here and they took it.

No.  That was just a cover although IDK why they even bothered.  Maybe it was a way of saying fuck you.

Valenti knocks and comes in and says, I can only imagine what it must be like to have your home broken into like this.  A real violation.

Yes, Izzie says.

So what did they take from in here?  Valenti says.

Just from what i’ve seen they didnt take anything.

Well, that’s odd, he says pontifically.  This room has been ransacked worse than the rest of the house.

I guess burglars have bad days too, i say.

What about your room?  Valenti says to Izzie.

I havent looked there yet, she says.

You checked your brother’s room before you checked your own?  Why is that?

Mom appears at the door.  She says, Sheriff, why RU interrogating my children?  We’re the victims.

Ma’am, i apologize, Valenti says smoothly.  I just want to make sure we do a thorough investigation.  Sometimes meaningless details can be important.



When Izzie gets to her room a native american deputy is there.  Miss Evans?  He says.  I need to get a statement from you.  I can come back later.

Yes, please.

The deputy’s face changes abruptly when he sees the pendant on Izzie’s neck.  Where did you get that?   He demands.

At the mall, Izzie says, lying smoothly.  Someone was selling jewelry out of boxes.

I havent seen anything like it since i left the reservation, he says.

What reservation was that?

The Mesalito reservation just outside town.



Late that night.  Michael walks in a downtown Roswell alley.  He has the feeling he’s being followed and he’s right.  He ducks behind a dumpster so he’ll be invisible from the street just before he sees the same guy in a JC Penney suit that Max saw on the way to Marathon.



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