Roswell 29: Max’s Story


I cant say for sure i was being followed, Michael says.  I just had a feeling, that’s all.

You just had a feeling, huh?  I say.  What did he look like?

IDK…a guy in a suit, 30, 35, tall, brown hair.  Ray Bans on at night.  He looked out of place and suspicious to me.  What else can i tell you?

When we were going south to Marathon we stopped at a convenience store and i spotted this same guy, i say.  I flattened all four of his tires.  I didnt mention it then because i didnt want to make everything worse.

I cant believe what’s happening here, Izzie sobs.  Someone broke into our house.  Someone’s following us.  It’s too much!

Izzie, grow a dick and STFU, i say harshly.  This isnt helping.

Maria gives me a dirty look and i stick my tongue out at her.

Trancelike, Michael leans forward and stares at Izzie’s pendant.

What?  She says.

I know that, he says, pointing at the design on the pendant.  How do i know that?

All three of us know it, i say.  We think it’s from the past.

Pretty wild, huh?  Izzie says.  Found it at Atherton’s.  You know that native american deputy?  He said he recognized it from the Mesaliko reservation.

We cant go anywhere right now, i say.  We cant make any suspicious moves.

Come on, Michael says.  You know we gotta go.

No!  I just got thru dealing with one of your god damned messes, Michael.  Nobody goes anywhere.  Not now.


Later.  I am alone at home when someone knocks at the bedroom window.  I think it’s Michael and am prepared to yell at him but it’s Liz, and that’s even worse.  She has this idiotic look on her face that she has when she acts like a twinkie who has just dropped 30 IQ points overnight.  I open the window but say nothing.

Can i come in?  She says.

Of course you can, dushka, i say, helping her inside.  I sit on a sofa and say resentfully, What do U want?

She sits beside me, too uncomfortably close.  I move a foot away but she moves closer and i stop because i am as far away from her as she will let me get.  She says, I didnt want to say this in front of the others because i dont want anyone else involved.  But i’m going to the reservation.

No.  You are not going to the reservation.  We are all being watched.

Maybe you’re not just being watched.  Maybe it’s more than that.  Today the files.  What if tomorrow they come for you?

Then i’m fucked, i say.

If there’s anything there, any possibility at all that this means something we need to find out.


Max, you saved my life.

Yes and i have come to deeply regret it.

You dont mean that.

I do!  Never play head games with an alien, Liz.  I could kill you just as fast as i saved you.  And if i could do that and it would undo all the harm saving you did i would kill you and Maria in a heartbeat.  But it’s too late for that.  Besides, what does my saving you have to do with this?

Because it started people suspecting you.  If anything happened to U or Michael or Isabel i couldnt live with that.

You suffer from an exaggerated sense of your own self importance.  It’s not your responsibility, Liz.  It’s mine.  I did it.

Let me do this one thing.


Max, i didnt come here for permission.

Then why the fuck did you bother me at all?

I came here for the pendant.  If you dont give it to me i’ll just draw it.  I’m going.

Here, then, i say.  Take this fuckin thing.  If you’re so concerned about my safety or Michael’s or Izzie’s did it ever occur to you that you could be putting us in worse danger?  No, of course it didnt because you’re a fuckin idiot.


I always heard girls like you were trouble, i say.  Because they’re stupid, which you can be when it suits your purposes.  And because they’re treacherous, which is a talent that i see in you more and more.  I would tell you never to come back here again and never talk to me again and never look me in the face again but you wouldnt listen.

When did you decide you hated me?  Was it after you got beat up…

IDK exactly.  It’s just that i couldnt stay away from you and now i cant stand the sight of you.

You dont mean any of that, Max.  IDK what’s wrong but you’ll get over it and i’ll still be here for you.

Then get out of here, you ugly, stupid, stinking cunt, before i break your fuckin jaw.  Go.  Get yourself killed!



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