Roswell 34: The Day After


IDK if it’s generally true that a girl always looks more beautiful right after you fuck her for the first time or not but Liz has never looked more beautiful than she does when i see her at school.  It’s been such a perfect day i think i have forgotten what it’s like to be miserable and i’ve kept looking for some asshole to come along and ruin it but no one has.

And when i see Liz…well you’ve heard the expression ‘The Earth Moved?’  Well. That’s exactly what it does.

Hey, she says.

Hey, i say, dreamily.  When i open my mouth to speak again i have to fight an attack of giggles.  She’s out, i say.


Pruneface.  She’s absent.  I hear it’s stomach flu but maybe she just had an acute attack of ugly.  And since we have lunch after her class we’ve got two hours off, dushka.

Technically we dont…

Dont argue.  There’s something i want to show you.

Okay, she says.  Let’s go.


Actinic day of chilly desert sunshine on the plains of red dirt and creosote.  I turn off the highway and onto the old road that runs upland thru a dense forest.

I put a disk into the play and out comes Schubert’s Serenade.

Max, what is that?  It sounds like Moonlight Sonata but it’s so…honey if you keep listening to things like this you’ll just get depressed again…

I push a button and the music changes to Vivaldi’s In Excelsius Deo.

Better?  I say.

Much better, she says.

U sound like Alex, i say.  You know, ‘Mozart was a drunk,’ or ‘Stravinsky beat his kids.’

Yeah, that’s Alex.  He’s my friend and i love him but he can be moody and ill.  Like somebody else i know.

Not today, dushka, i say.  I hit the button and I Love You For Sentimental Reasons plays.

Her face reddens.

Our song, i say.

Max, you are really…

Dont ever say i’m not thoughtful or romantic.

No, i cant say that.  I love it out here, Max, she says.  I’ve never seen so many trees in my life!  I didnt even know this place existed.

The old highway.  Dad used to take us this way when he drove to Albuquerque.  I thought we should do something er…normal..something human for once.  Really, i just want to be alone with you no matter what we’re doing.

She smiles at me and i smile at her and she puts her hand on my knee.

And then somebody’s horse runs into the road and i swerve and lose control of the car and everything goes black.


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