Roswell 35: Blood Brother

Smell of hospital in winter.  White noise and and shadowlands.  Voices in Spanish.  As Max is being wheeled into the ER Liz follows and tries to get somebody to take her seriously.  When she finally gets a doctor to notice her he says, U were with him?

Um, yeah, she says.

When did her lose consciousness?

Right after the accident.  He isnt bleeding is he?

Not as far as i can tell.  What’s your relationship with him?

He’s my friend, she says.

Liz stands there trying to think of what to do.  They’ve put an O2 mask on Max and are putting heart monitor leads on his chest.  And when she realizes they are going to take some of his blood she knows shit will hit the fan if something isnt done.



Miss Topolsky?  A teacher says.  We were just notified that we have a student in the hospital.  From a car accident.


Max Evans and Liz Parker, the teacher says.

Why dont you let me stay on top of it?  I know these kids.  I want to make sure everything is okay.

In private Topolsky calls the man whose tires Max flattened on the way to Texas.

Get to the hospital now, she says.

The agent Topolsky called doesnt have a name, not yet, so call him Ray-Bans.  When he gets to the hospital he goes into a door marked Hospital Personnel Only and takes off his Ray-Bans and JC Penney suit and changes into a stunning dark blue med-tech uniform.  He takes great pride in being surreptitious but is as nimble as an elephant.



When Izzie and Michael get there they see an unconscious Max.  An ugly med-tech is drawing his blood.

What happened?  Izzie says, her voice shaky.

We were on the old highway, Liz says.  Max swerved to avoid a horse and we crashed…

There’s too many people here, Ugly says.

I’m his sister!  Izzie says furiously.

No one’s supposed to be back here, Ugly says.

Michael walks over to Ugly and says, I realize you’re just trying to do your job but we’re all in shock right now.  I’m really sorry.

Just keep it low-key, Ugly says bashfully.

Thank you, Michael says.


Susan, Michael says with a warm smile.

I’ll get the blood, Michael says when Ugly Susan is gone.

They cant be allowed to see that blood!  Izzie says.

What have you guys done before?  Liz says.

Nothing like this has ever happened before.

What about when you guys get sick?

We’re never sick, Izzie says.  Dammit, we need blood.  We’ll take some of yours and replace it with Max’s.

It cant be mine, Liz says.  They can tell male from female blood.

I’m sure there are differences in male and female blood, Izzie says, But will they be looking for them?  There’s no reason for them not to assume the blood is really Max’s.  It’s about what they’re looking for.

It cant be my blood.

RU sure?

Liz sighs.  She says, The truth is i’m not sure but we cant risk it.  Cant take that chance.

Then we have to find a guy, Izzie says.



When Maria finds Alex he is holding court with a Gibson hollow body electric guitar on his lap, talking to some boys who have no musical talent.  Trying to get them to form a band that doesnt exist yet.

Alex says, My point is there is no real garage band in Roswell, you know?   Which makes for a potential genius situation.

I think i’m tone deaf, one of them says.

You are tone deaf, Lester.  That’s why you’ll be our drummer.

Maria grabs Alex roughly by the arm.  She says, We need your help.

I’m making a point here, Alex says.  That musicians get the chickies.

Now, Maria says.

As he is being led off Alex says over his shoulder, So when the cash starts coming in you’ll have MFP.  Money for pussy!


Alex comes in and stands in front of Liz.  She says, I need U to do me a very big favor.

Of course, he says.  Anything.

Liz leans up to his ear and whispers, I need your blood.

Maria stands guard as Alex sits and stares at a needle that looks big enough to suck blood out of a corpse.

Okay, he says.  I have a lot of reservations at this moment.

It’s fine Alex, Liz says as she wields the needle.  I volunteered here last summer.  I saw them do this a hundred times.

God, Alex says, fighting tears.  What RU people hiding?

I’ll tell you everything later, Liz says.  Dammit!  That vein keeps rolling on me.

Look, he says.  I know friends are supposed to trust each other on everything…

I can do this, Liz says.

Incoming, Maria says.

Let me do it, Liz, Izzie says.  Alex, it’ll be best if you dont look.

Thank you, Alex, Liz says, smiling sweetly.

Come on, let’s go, Maria says.

As she is drawing blood Izzie looks at Alex.  Her hive queen eyes are dark and non human.



Ugly Susan puts Max’s blood sample in the rack and leaves.  Michael slips in before the door closes and goes over to the desk and searches for it but he has to hide fast when Ray Bans comes in and goes over and starts looking for the sample.  Ray Bans is pawing thru the blood samples when Ugly Susan returns and says, What RU doing in here, medic?

Sorry, he says guiltily and rushes out.  He leaves the door open but she doesnt notice.

Somehow Max’s blood ends up on the desk and Michael sees it and has to think fast.  Finally he clears his throat and says, Uh…Susan?  I’ve been meaning to talk to you.  Privately.

She shrugs and gets up and as she faces him Michael says, I  was wondering if you’d like to go out with me…on a date some time.

You seem a bit young, she says suspiciously.

Age doesnt matter to me, Michael says broadly.  Besides, i’m much more mature than other people my age.  I’ve always found it easier to talk to a real woman.  We’d have so much more in common.

Liz glides by the door, dwarfed by Michael’s bulk.  She backhands Michael the blood from Alex without Ugly Susan even seeing her.

Girls my age, Michael goes on grandly, Well, they’re just girls.  They’re just not enough for me, you know?  I cant relate to them.

Michael makes a stealthy but athletic move and gets between Ugly Susan and Max’s blood and switches it with Alex’s and pockets Max’s.

Something isnt right, Ugly Susan says.

No?  Michael says plaintively.

She seems to struggle with herself as she says, I really appreciate the thought.  I really do but i cant do this.

I understand, Michael says warmly.

Call  me when you turn eighteen, she says.


Michael, Maria, Alex, Liz.  Waiting like serfs in a dungeon anteroom.

Alex, maybe U should go home, Liz says.

Liz, what i did i could get arrested for.  And that’s all you have to say to me?  Any of U?


She said go home, Michael says.

Well, great new friends you have, Liz, Alex says, getting up to go.

Liz follows Alex and Michael starts to follow her Maria stops him.

Hey, hey.  Maria says.  She’s not gonna tell him.  Just give her a second.

Outside Liz says, Alex, wait.

I’ve been waiting, Liz.  And apparently i’m not getting an explanation.

It’s complicated, okay?

No, no.  It’s not okay, Liz.  None of this is okay.

Alex, please trust me.

What is it, Liz?  Dope?  U and Max go joyriding and he gets wasted and almost kills you both.  Is that what i’m covering for?  You cant use Michael’s blood because he’s just as high.  So you call your dumbass straight buddy Alex.  Stupid Alex who does whatever you want because he’s so loyal you feel you can lie to and use whenever you want.

It’s not like that, she says.

Then tell me the truth, Liz.  For once.

You’re right, Liz says.  It’s dope.

He considers this for a moment and turns and walks off, wounded, as Liz stares after him.

Izzie comes out and says sharply, He’s awake.


Max’s Mom watches while a doctor checks out Max’s optic nerves.  She says, Max, you have no idea how bad you scared me.

Sorry, Mom, Max says.

It’s some recovery, the doctor says.

I guess i got lucky, Max says.

You didnt seem so lucky a couple of hours ago.  Any dizziness?  Numbness?  Headaches?  No?  Good.  Mrs. Evans, your son is fine.

Thank god, she says.

I still recommend we keep him overnight.  Do an MRI in the morning.

Yes, of course, she says.

Mom, Max says anxiously.  I dont need any tests.  I’ve got a ton of schoolwork.  I wanna go home!

Okay, the doctor says.  Max, take it easy if you feel…

If i have any neurologicals, Max says.

Right.  Call right away if you do.  Dont wait.

Yeah, whatever, Max says.

The doctor opens the door and says, You guys can come in now.

Mom?  Izzie says.

He’s going to be fine, honey, Mom says.

I heard you saved Bambi, Michael says.

Not Bambi.  Mr. Ed, Max says.

Hello, Mom says to Liz.

Max sighs heavily.  Mom, this is Liz.  Liz, this is Mom.

It’s nice to meet you, Liz says so sweetly that Max wants to smack her.

Nice to meet you, Mom says with cool appraisal.


I was so scared, Liz says to Max, taking his arm.

I’m fine, he says irritably.

Let’s go, Izzie says.  Mom’s waiting in the car.

Maria and Michael walk behind them.  Maria stops and says, My keys are in my purse on the table in Max’s room.  We were in the middle of a crisis, remember?

I’ll go get it, Michael says.  Get Max to the car.  He doesnt look so great.

When Michael flings back the curtain Ray Bans is reading Max’s chart and a guilty looking man in some kind of hospital uniform is pawing thru the trash.

Forgot her purse, Michael says.


I’m telling U it was the same guy that followed me thru the alley to the Crashdown that night.  He was reading Max’s chart and his friend was going thru the garbage.

Well, there’s nothing to find, Max says, grumpy like an old man.

Not this time, Michael says.  But it’s the closest call we’ve ever had.

Sorry, Michael, Max says.

It wasnt your fault, Max, Izzie says.

I didnt mean it was, Michael says.  But somebody’s closing in on us.  Unless we do something…

The only thing we could do is run, Izzie says.

That’s not true, Michael says.  But we have to be smarter.  Figure them out before they figure us out.

This is already so out of control and you just want to make it worse?  Izzie snarls at him.

I want to know our enemy, Michael says.  That’s the only chance we’ll ever have.



After a chilly fall of desert night Topolsky cruises down Roswell alleys and stops in front of an open door that is spilling out light around Ray Bans.  He nods at her.

Interesting day, Topolsky says.  How’d it go?

There was a blood test, Ray Bans says.  It came back normal.  But i think something mightve happened.

What do you mean?

Well there were five of them.  And they kept going in and out of his room a lot.

Doing what?

I’m not sure.  But they brought in this other boy.  Tall kid, kind of wiry.

Alex, Topolsky says.

I think they switched blood samples somehow, he says.


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