Roswell 35: Blood Brother


Smell of hospital in winter.  White noise and and shadowlands.  Voices in Spanish.  As Max is being wheeled into the ER Liz follows and tries to get somebody to take her seriously.  When she finally gets a doctor to notice her he says, U were with him?

Um, yeah, she says.

When did her lose consciousness?

Right after the accident.  He isnt bleeding is he?

Not as far as i can tell.  What’s your relationship with him?

He’s my friend, she says.

Liz stands there trying to think of what to do.  They’ve put an O2 mask on Max and are putting heart monitor leads on his chest.  And when she realizes they are going to take some of his blood she knows shit will hit the fan if something isnt done.


Miss Topolsky?  A teacher says.  We were just notified that we have a student in the hospital…

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