Roswell 38: Leaving Roswell


Close the door, Alex, Topolsky says.  Sit down.

I have a class in a couple of minutes…

I know, Alex, she says.  I know everything.

He sits.  He says, What’s everything?

The hospital, she says.  The blood test.  What you did for Max.  And why.  I dont have to tell you how serious this is.  But i can help you.  I have friends, Alex.  They can be your friends too.

What kind of friends?  He says.

The sheriff wont be involved if that’s what you’re worried about.  Nothing on your permanent record.  I want you to be safe.

Alex winces.  He says, You think i’m not safe?

Can any of us be safe with Max Evans around?  Why dont you write everything down?  Everything you know.  And sign it.

He flinches and moves away from her.

Whenever you’re ready Alex, i’m here.  Think about who it is you’re protecting.  What friend would put you in a position like this?

About your friends.  Who are they?

People you can trust.  Like me.

Alex says nothing else.  He leaves.

Alex goes to his locker and opens it and puts his head in it and leaves it there.

Max finds him there and says, RU alright, Alex?

Alex removes his head and closes the locker door.  Not really, he says.

I think we need to talk, Max says.

About what?

About what you did for me at the hospital.

Yeah, what…what was that?  I’d like to know.

You saved my life, Max says simply.

Yeah, well, you really fucked up mine.

That was not my intention, Max says.

So you’re here to what, threaten me?  Try to scare me into shutting up about faking the blood sample.  You’re too late, Max.  She already knows.

Who already knows?


You told Topolsky?

No.  She told me and wanted me to sign a confession.

Did U?

Now you know what it’s like to be in the dark, Max.

Alex, Max says impatiently, I’m trying to protect you.

I didnt know so many people cared.


Late when the Crashdown is closed Alex comes in the unlocked door quietly.  Liz waits for him.  He sits down across a table from her and she says, Thanks for coming.

He says, I’ve met you here a thousand times but it isnt the same this time.

No, she says.  It isnt.  Alex, you’ve been my friend since 5th grade.

Actually it was 4th when we met but you didnt notice me till 5th.

That’s right.  And since then i’ve come to you with every problem i’ve had.

Until now, he says.

No.  Even now.  Especially now.  What happened at that hospital with Max was the most important thing i’ve ever had to do in my life.  And who did i call?  You, Alex.  This is the hardest thing i’ve ever asked anyone to do.  And i need U now.  I need U to believe in me even though i cant tell you what you want to know.

Because of Max.

No!  Forget Max.  This is between us.  I said this was complicated.  But maybe not.  Sometimes you do things for practical reasons in your self interest.  That’s complicated.  But sometimes there is a right side and a wrong side and then it’s very simple.  And if U choose the wrong side this time something awful is going to happen to all of us.  I am begging you Alex.  If all the years of being my friend have meant anything to you, please trust me.  I swear to you i am on the right side.


Alex goes to Topolsky’s office and knocks and goes in quickly as though ashamed of what he is about to do.  When he is inside he says, I thought about what you said.  I’m not worried about me right now.  I’m worried about Liz.  Look, if i do this, if i give you what you want what happens to her?  What do your friends do?

She’ll be questioned, Topolsky says.  They’ll do some medical tests to see if she’s been harmed.

But no police, right?


But if they’re involved with drugs-it is drugs, isnt it?

Just write down everything that happened at the hospital.  Then we’ll take it from there.

Liz knocks at the door timidly and comes in and looks at Alex anxiously.

She says to Topolsky, Can i see you for a second?  Privately?  It’s really important.

I’ll be back, Topolsky says to Alex.  U can go ahead and start that project we talked about.

Alright, Topolsky says to Liz when they are outside. What’s the emergency?

IDK what Alex has been talking to you about, Liz says.  But there is something you should know.

I’m listening, Topolsky says coldly.

It’s just that Alex has sort of changed all of a sudden.  IDK, it’s like he’s paranoid.  See, we’ve been friends since forever and now i’ve made new friends and he’s insecure and he’s jealous and he’s hurt.  Has he told you any of this?

Liz, U know i cant discuss my counselling sessions with other students.  It wouldnt be right and it sure wouldnt be legal.

Yes i know, i understand that.  But i’m afraid he might be saying things that could really hurt somebody just because he’s mad at me.

We both know Alex.  I think we can trust him to do the right thing.  Dont you think?

But you dont know his state of mind right now.

Let’s let Alex speak for himself, shall we?  Now i really should get back to him.

No wait!  Liz says desperately, placing herself between Topolsky and her office.  I mean, could we talk about this some more?

Topolsky suddenly realizes what is happening and fairly flies to her office.


After they leave Alex gets to work quickly.  It’s maddening because the server is slow and he has to hack into the laptop and create a new password and create an account for her e mail, but he gets where he wants to be before Topolsky bursts thru the door.

When she comes in he turns the laptop screen toward Topolsky and Liz and shows them the unmistakable logo of the Federal Bureau of Investigation.

Topolsky says to Alex, sitting at her desk and Liz standing behind her, If you think you’ve just helped yourself you’re wrong.

She looks around with sadness and anger.  She gets a bag and packs her computer and her stuff from the office.  It is surprisingly little.

Her voice is bitter.  She says, You’re playing games with something very dangerous.

What is the FBI doing at Roswell High School?  Alex says.

This isnt going to end just because you know what i am, Topolsky says.  She gives Liz a very hard look and says, I was on your side.  I just hope your friend Max doesnt end up in the wrong hands without me here.

And Topolsky walks out of Roswell High forever.

Alex says to Liz, UR going to tell me exactly what has been going on with Max and Topolsky and the FBI or i swear you are not my friend anymore.  Ever.

Please dont say things like that, Liz says.

You think i wont go thru with it?  Is that what you think? Liz, i am not kidding.  Now either tell me the truth or i walk.

She sighs an exhausted sigh and says, I’m sorry, Alex.  I cant.  I just cant.  Please dont…

Okay, he says from his archives of bitterness.  And he walks out.


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