Roswell 39: Convention

Poets, mystics, fascists, fools.  All converge on Roswell for the annual UFO convention held by the UFO center.  Max stands outside the UFO center in an uncommonly ugly alien suit, handing out flyers.  The Crashdown is right across the street so he can see Liz and cannot avoid stealing glances at her.  He is acting like a love sick adolescent because that’s what he is.  He is also part alien but that is all but irrelevant because he is in love and when you are in love nothing else matters.

The Crashdown does most of its yearly business this week and it is packed.  And no customer looks remotely sane.    Right now Liz is bringing food to a guy with moth-like antennae and a body suit that looks like an insectile carapace or exoskeleton.  It’s in segments and would not look out of place on the ocean floor.  His companion sitting across from him has the same costume but it just doesnt suit her as well.

Okay, Liz says.  I have one green eggs with moon rock hash and one convention special.  Can i get you guys anything else?

The insect man regards her with peremptory condescension and says, I am Zinaplox from the planet Zodogon.  I come to enslave humanity and return to my home planet.

Well then, Liz chirps brightly like the twinkie she is, It’s great that you’re starting out with a nice, hearty breakfast.

When Zenoplox is halfway thru his meal Maria walks past him and he tells her that he is Lipitor from the planet Zocor and is here to destroy Earth.

Of course you are, dear, Maria says and walks past without looking at him.



When Sheriff Valenti opens the door of his office he can barely see the man in the dark with his feet propped on Valenti’s desk.  From the dark the man says, been a while, Junior.

How did you get past the front desk?  Valenti says, checking his anger.

Better beef up security, the man says.  He holds up a picture of Kyle and says, Heard you had a boy.  Bachelor myself.  No kids for me.

You’re not welcome here, Hub.

Oh, Junior.  I expect more from you than small town threats.  Well, i just wanted to stop by.  Regards to your dad.  From what i hear you’re starting to come around to his way of thinking.  See ya, Junior.

As Hub is leaving Deputy Hanson walks into Valenti’s office.  Who was that?  Hanson says.

That, Valenti says grimly, Is a bona fide alien hunter.  Maybe an alien killer.


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