Roswell 40: Alien Hunter

The night of the first day of the UFO convention Hubble stands outside the UFO center with Valenti.

Looking for someone?  Hubble says pleasantly.

What did you come back for?

Well, i’ve been tracking what’s been going on around here for the last few months.  The shooting in September at the Crashdown.  What happened over there?

Valenti is seething.  He says, You got to my father when he was at his weakest and you pushed him over the edge.  Because of you i had to have him committed.

You’re giving me more credit than i deserve.

You get the fuck outta town!  Valenti says.

I thought we already talked about…

I’m not talking to you as the sheriff now.  This is coming from me, from everything you cost me.  I dont ever want to see your face again.  Ever.

I can understand your being upset, Hubble says.  But remember this.  All those years your father has been in that nuthouse i’ve been living in my own hell.  Now from what i hear your Dad isnt all there these days.  And i bet you still have a lot of questions.  About your father, about that silo murder and why he was arrested for it.  I’m the only person in the world who has the answers to those questions.  I was there.  I saw it all.  I’m your link, Junior.  So before you run me outta town you should think about that real hard.  I can help you.  We can help each other.


At the nursing home Valenti talks to his father.

It’s cold in here, Dad says.  Like an icebox.

Dad, try to focus.  The night of the murder at the silo.  Hubble was there?



Hubble couldnt let go of his wife, Dad says.  That was his problem all along.

Valenti sighs heavily, Dad, he says…

His wife and kid, Dad says.

He didnt have a wife and kid, Valenti says.

Dad looks at Valenti sideways, conspiratorially.  Dad says, They’re trying to kill me.


Valenti in his office with Hubble.

Thanks for hearing me out, Jimmy, Hub says.

Valenti stares at the glossy photos Hubble shows him.  Pictures of various dead people with the alien handprint with the bioluminescent glow on them.

This guy has been leaving carnage all over the southwest for decades.  No reason to think he’s gonna stop now.  Those handprints are the only trail he leaves.  It only lasts a day or two and disappears so i always carry a camera with me.

Where did you get these?  Valenti says.

I know you’ve been investigating this but you’re a weekend enthusiast.  It’s been full time for me.  I got nothing but time.  One of them’s my own work-the girl.

Who is she, Hub?

That’s not important, Hubble says uncomfortably, evasively.  The others i procured.  Like i said, i have connections.

Who are they?  The victims, i mean.

They’re just people.  People with bad luck.  People in the wrong place at the wrong time.  Jimmy, listen.  Your father may have made a mistake that night, pulled the trigger on the wrong man.  But he wasnt crazy.  Not then.  But you already know that, dont you?  You knew it when i showed up here.  It was in your eyes.  All your father wanted was to make the world a better place and they crucified him for it.  This isnt some happy go lucky ET we’re looking for.  This is a killer, Jimmy.  If you know something about it then it’s our duty to team up and do something.  What about this kid, this Max Evans?  Does he have something to do with all this?

IDK, Hub.  He’s only sixteen.

This alien is a shapeshifter, Hubble says.


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