Phenomenology is the Light of the World

Once I was drowning in life’s filthy sea

Then came that fateful day

When I picked up a book by Merleau-Ponty

I knew I’d finally found the way


Phenomenology showed me what it was giving

Answered all my questions why

Phenomenology gave me a reason for living

It even told me why I must die


Now Hector’s got a body and Hector’s got a brain

And a tunnel going right to Duquesne

He dont need no money and he dont need no girl

Cause he’s got the light of the world


Now Hector’s in his office, reading Merleau-Ponty

Writes descriptions all day

He dont care about us or what we see

Cause he knows he has the only way


Now Hector’s living in the tunnel, his wisdom grows

Sees his destiny unfurl

And as he lives from day to day he knows

Phenomenology’s the light of the world.


Shine on, light of the world

Goodnight everybody, everybody  everwhere


Allelujah   Bonnng!






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